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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 21    Special 1    March 2011

Microstructure and properties of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites fabricated by pressureless sintering and post hot-isostatic pressing Young-Keun JEONG, Koichi NIIHARA 1
Formation of interfacial brittle phases sigma phase and IMC in
hybrid titanium-to-stainless steel joint
Min Ku LEE, Jung Gu LEE, Jong Keuk LEE, Sung Mo HONG, Sang Hoon LEE, Jin Ju PARK, Jae Woo KIM, Chang KyuRHEE 7
Lubrication properties of silver-palladium alloy prepared by
 ion plating method for high temperature stud bolt
Jung-Dae KWON, Sunghun LEE, Koo-Hyun LEE, Jong-Joo RHA, Kee-Seok NAN, Se-Hun KWON 12
Improvement of hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking by
annealing for Al-4.4Mg-0.6Mn alloy
Seong-Jong KIM, Min-Su HAN, Seong-Kweon KIM, Seok-Ki JANG 17
Effect of CaO composition on oxidation and burning behaviors of
 AM50 Mg alloy
Jin-Kyu LEE, Shae K. KIM 23
Characteristic evaluation of Al2O3/CNTs hybrid materials for
micro-electrical discharge machining
Hyun-Seok TAK, Chang-Seung HA, Ho-Jun LEE, Hyung-Woo LEE, Young-Keun JEONG, Myung-Chang KANG 28
Dispersion of ultrafine SiC particles in molten Al-12Si alloy Jin-Ju PARK, Sang-Hoon LEE, Min-Ku LEE, Chang-Kyu RHEE 33
Improvement of machining quality of copper-plated roll mold by
controlling temperature variation
Tae-Jin JE, Eun-Chae JEON, Sang-Cheon PARK, Doo-Sun CHOI, Kyung-Hyun WHANG, Myung-Chang KANG 37
Structural considerations in friction welding of hybrid Al2O3-reinforced aluminum composites In-Duck PARK, Choon-Tae LEE, Hyun-Soo KIM, Woo-Jin CHOI, Myung-Chang KANG 42
CO2 laser-micro plasma arc hybrid welding for galvanized steel sheets C. H. KIM, Y. N. AHN, J. H. KIM 47
Fabrication of cast carbon steel with ultrafine TiC particles Sang-Hoon LEE, Jin-Ju PARK, Sung-Mo HONG, Byoung-Sun HAN, Min-Ku LEE, Chang-Kyu RHEE 54
Effect of aging treatment on irradiation-induced segregation of
high Mn-Cr steel
Effects of Cr interlayer on mechanical and
tribological properties of Cr-Al-Si-N nanocomposite coating
Young Su HONG, Se Hun KWON, Tiegang WANG, Doo-In KIM, Jihwan CHOI, Kwang Ho KIM 62
Electrodeposition behavior and characteristics of
Ni-carbon nanotube composite coatings
Sung-Kyu KIM, Tae-Sung OH 68
Formation of nanocrystalline microstructure in arc ion plated CrN films Qi-min WANG, Se-Hun KWON, Kwang-Ho KIM 73
Effect of carbon on microstructure of CrAlCxN1−x coatings by
hybrid coating system
Sung-Kyu AHN, Se-Hun KWON, Kwang-Ho KIM 78
Effects of honing treatment on AIP-TiN and TiAlN coated end-mill for
high speed machining
Jae-Young HEO, Sung-Hak CHO, Tae-Jin JE, Kwang-Ho KIM, Hyung-Woo LEE, Myung-Chang KANG 83
Hybrid functional IrO2-TiO2 thin film resistor prepared by
atomic layer deposition for thermal inkjet printheads
Won-Sub KWACK, Hyoung-Seok MOON, Seong-Jun JEONG, Qi-min WANG, Se-Hun KWON 88
Thin film processing and multiferroic properties of
Fe-BaTiO3 hybrid composite
Pan YANG, Jin-song ZHU, Jai-Yeoul LEE, Hee Young LEE 92
Properties of multilayer gallium and aluminum doped ZnO(GZO/AZO) transparent thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition process Jin-Hyun SHIN, Dong-Kyun SHIN, Hee-Young LEE, Jai-Yeoul LEE 96
Fabrication of curved micro structures on photoresist layer Jae Sung YOON, Tae-Jin JE, Doo-Sun CHOI, Sung Hwan CHANG, Kyung-Hyun WHANG 100
Effect of coating material and lubricant on forming force and
surface defects in wire drawing process
S. M. BYON, S. J. LEE, D. W. LEE, Y. H. LEE, Y. LEE 104
Experimental and finite element analysis for fracture of coating layer of galvannealed steel sheet S. I. KIM, J. U. HER, Y. C. JANG, Y. LEE 111
Distribution of electric field for carbon nanotube assembly: Simulation (I) Soon-Geun KWON, Soo-Hyun KIM, Kwang-Ho KIM, Myung-Chang KANG, Hyung-Woo LEE 117
Distribution of electric field for carbon nanotube assembly: Experiments (II) Soongeun KWON, Soo-Hyun KIM, Kwang-ho KIM, Myung-chang KANG, Hyung-woo LEE 121
Dielectrophoretic assembly of semiconducting single-walled carbon
 nanotube transistor
Se-Hun KWON, Young-Keun JEONG, Soongeun KWON, Myung-Chang KANG, Hyung-Woo LEE 126
Effect of ammonia gas etching on growth of
vertically aligned carbon nanotubes/nanofibers
Sang-Gook KIM, Sooh-Yung KIM, Hyung-Woo LEE 130
Collapse behavior evaluation of hybrid thin-walled member by
stacking condition
Kil-Sung LEE, Hyeon-Kyeong SEO, Yong-June YANG,Woo-Chae HWANG, Kwang-Hee IM, In-Young YANG 135
Effect of nanoclay on properties of porous PVdF membranes Hae-Young HWANG, Deuk-Ju KIM, Hyung-Jun KIM, Young-Taik HONG, Sang-Yong NAM 141
Injection molding of micro patterned PMMA plate Yeong-Eun YOO, Tae-Hoon KIM, Tae-Jin JE, Doo-Sun CHOI, Chang-Wan KIM, Sun-Kyung KIM 148
Synthesis of crosslinked polystyrene particles by
seeded batch polymerization with monomer absorption
Ki-Chang LEE, Han-Ah WI 153
Comparative analysis on homogeneity of Pb and Cd in
epoxy molding compounds
Kyun-Gmee LEE, Yong-Keun SON, Jin-Sook LEE, Tai-Min NOH, Hee-Soo LEE 160
Optical diffraction gratings embedded in BK-7 glass by
low-density plasma formation using femtosecond laser
Jung-Kyu PARK, Sung-Hak CHO, Kwang-Ho KIM, Myung-Chang KANG 165
Creep and tensile properties of press molding joined GMT-sheets Jin-Woo KIM, Dong-Gi LEE 170
Reliability of flip-chip bonded RFID die using
anisotropic conductive paste hybrid material
Jun-Sik LEE, Jun-Ki KIM, Mok-Soon KIM, Namhyun KANG, Jong-Hyun LEE 175
27Al MAS-NMR study of inorganic polymer formation at
ambient temperature
Sang-Wook AHN, Hee-Soo LEE, Wan-Hee YANG,Jung-Woo LEE, Young-Keun JEONG 182
Simulation and prediction in laser bending of silicon sheet WANG Xu-yue, XU Wei-xing, XU Wen-ji, HU Ya-feng, LIANG Yan-de, WANG Lian-ji 188
Experimental investigation of friction coefficient in tube hydroforming Hyae Kyung YI, Hong Sup YIM, Gun Yeop LEE, Sung Mun LEE, Gi Suk CHUNG, Young-Hoon MOON 194
Optimal design considering structural efficiency of
compressed natural gas fuel storage vessels for automobiles
Myung-Chang KANG, Hyung Woo LEE, Chul KIM 199
Portable nano probe for micro/nano mechanical scratching and measuring Woo-Park JEONG, Chang-Choi SOO, Cho HYUN, Woo-Lee DEUG 205
Selective removal technology using chemical etching and excimer assistance in precision recycle of color filter Pai-shan PA 210

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