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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 21    No. 8    August 2011

Structural Materials
Comparison of FSW and TIG welded joints in Al-Mg-Mn-Sc-Zr alloy plates HE Zhen-bo, PENG Yong-yi, YIN Zhi-min, LEI Xue-feng 1685
Direct-chill semi-continuous casting process of
three-layer composite ingot of 4045/3004/4045 aluminum alloys
JIANG Hui-xue, ZHANG Hai-tao, QIN Ke, CUI Jian-zhong 1692
Influence of Cu addition on microstructure and hardness of
near-eutectic Al-Si-xCu-alloys
Muzaffer ZEREN, Erdem KARAKULAK, Serap GÜ,MÜ,&#, 1698
Effects of flow velocity on electrochemical behavior of
seachest 5083-H116 Al alloy for ship
Seung-Jun LEE, Seong-Jong KIM 1703
Effect of high temperature treatments on microstructure of
Nb-Ti-Cr-Si based ultrahigh temperature alloy
GUO Bao-hui, GUO Xi-ping 1710
Temperature dependence of anisotropic stress−rupture properties of
nickel-based single crystal superalloy SRR99
HAN Guo-ming, YANG Yan-hong, YU Jin-jiang, SUN Xiao-feng 1717
Multilayered Ti-Al intermetallic sheets fabricated by
cold rolling and annealing of titanium and aluminum foils
SUN Yan-bo, ZHAO Ye-qing, ZHANG Di, LIU Cui-yun, DIAO Hao-yan, MA Chao-li 1722
Effect of hot working and post-deformation heat treatment on
microstructure and tensile properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Mechanical characterization of cp-Ti produced by investment casting Khaled M. IBRAHIM, Mansour MHAEDE, Lothar WAGNER 1735
Functional Materials
Effects of graphite content on microstructure and tribological properties of graphite/TiC/Ni-base alloy composite coatings CAI Bin, TAN Ye-fa, TU Yi-qiang, WANG Xiao-long, XU Ting 1741
Open-celled porous NiAl intermetallics prepared by
replication of carbamide space-holders
WU Jie, CUI Hong-zhi, CAO Li-li, GU Zheng-zheng 1750
Low temperature solid-phase sintering of
sintered metal fibrous media with high specific surface area
TANG Biao, TANG Yong, ZHOU Rui, LU Long-sheng, LIU Bin, QU Xiu-ming 1755
Electrochemical performance of LiFePO4-Li3V2(PO4)3 composite material prepared by solid-hydrothermal method GUO Xiao-dong, ZHONG Ben-he, LIU Heng, SONG Yang, WEN Jia-jie, TANG Yan 1761
Hydrothermal synthesis of monodisperse ZnxCd1−xS spheres and
their photocatalytic properties
JIA Zhi-fang, WANG Fu-min, XIN Feng 1767
Synthesis and characterization of arginine-modified and
europium-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticle and its cell viability
ZHAO Yan-zhong, ZHU Jun, ZHU Shai-hong, HUANG Yan-yan, LI Zhi-you, ZHOU Ke-chao 1773
Deformation and recrystallization texture, microstructure and
kinetics of Pb-Ca-Sn alloy
Microwave direct synthesis and thermoelectric properties of
 Mg2Si by solid-state reaction
ZHOU Shu-cai, BAI Chen-guang 1785
Preparation and characterization of LaB6 ultra fine powder by
combustion synthesis
DOU Zhi-he, ZHANG Ting-an, ZHANG Zhi-qi, ZHANG Han-bo, HE Ji-cheng 1790
Bending properties and fracture mechanism of
C/C composites with high density preform
ZHANG Ming-yu, SU Zhe-an, LI Jian-li, HUANG Qi-zhong 1795
Computational Materials Science and Numerical Mode
Relationship between partial and average atomic volumes of
components in Au-Ni alloys
XIE You-qing 1801
Calculation of phase diagram of Ti-Ni-O system and
 application to deoxidation of TiNi alloy
QIU Ai-tao, LIU Lan-jie, PANG Wei, LU Xiong-gang, LI Chong-he 1808
Simulation of texture evolution during plastic deformation of FCC, BCC and HCP structured crystals with crystal plasticity based finite element method HUANG Shi-yao, ZHANG Shao-rui, LI Da-yong, PENG Ying-hong 1817
New algorithm for solving 3D incompressible viscous equations based on projection method NIU Xiao-feng, LIANG Wei, ZHAO Yu-hong, HOU Hua, MU Yan-qing, HUANG Zhi-wei, YANG Wei-ming 1826
Mathematical model for precursor gas residence time in
isothermal CVD process of C/C composites
YU Shu, ZHENG Zhou-shun, ZHANG Fu-qing, CAI Yong-qiang 1833
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemi
Recovery of copper from simulated ammoniacal spent etchant using
sterically hindered beta-diketone
LIANG Qi-wen, HU Hui-ping, FU Weng, YE Ting, CHEN Qi-yuan 1840
Existing state of potassium chloride in agglomerated sintering dust and
its water leaching kinetics
PENG Cui, GUO Zhan-cheng, ZHANG Fu-li 1847
Behavior of titanium dioxide in alumina carbothermic
reduction-chlorination process in vacuum
ZHU Fu-long,YUAN Hai-bin, YU Qing-chun, YANG Bin,XU Bao-qiang, DAI Yong-nian 1855
Oxidation process of low-grade vanadium slag in presence of Na2CO3 LI Xin-sheng, XIE Bing, WANG Guang-en, LI Xiao-jun 1860
Effect of degree of substitution of carboxymethyl starch on
diaspore depression in reverse flotation
LI Hai-pu, ZHANG Sha-sha, JIANG Hao, LI Bin, LI Xing 1868
Dynamics simulation of tertiary amines adsorbing on kaolinite (001) plane LIU Chang-miao, FENG An-sheng, GUO Zhen-xu, CAO Xue-feng, HU Yue-hua 1874
Effect of potential on characteristics of
surface film on natural chalcopyrite
YU Juan, YANG Hong-ying, FAN You-jing 1880
Density functional theory study of influence of impurity on
electronic properties and reactivity of pyrite
LI Yu-qiong, CHEN Jian-hua, CHEN Ye, GUO Jin 1887
Mechanical stirring for highly efficient gas injection refining LIU Yan, ZHANG Ting-an, Masamichi SANO, WANG Qiang, REN Xiao-dong, HE Ji-cheng 1896
Preparation of cerium oxide based environment-friendly chemical
 conversion coating on magnesium alloy with additives
CHEN Dong-chu, WU Jian-feng, LIANG Yi-qing, YE Shu-lin, LI Wen-fang 1905

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