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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 22    Special 3    December 2012

HR-TEM and FIB-SEM characterization of formation of eutectic-like structure from amorphous GdAlO3-Al2O3 system Y. H. HAN, Y. HARADA, J. F. SHACKELFORD, Jaehyung LEE, K. KAKEGAWA 579
Effects of elastic-plastic properties of materials on residual indentation impressions in nano-indentation using sharp indenter Jung-Min LEE, Chan-Joo LEE, Kyung-Hun LEE, Byung-Min KIM 585
Weldability evaluation and tensile strength estimation model for aluminum alloy lap joint welding using hybrid system with laser and scanner head Dong-Yoon KIM, Young-Whan PARK 596
Material properties of friction stir spot welded joints of dissimilar aluminum alloys Chi-Sung JEON, Sung-Tae HONG, Yong-Jai KWON, Hoon-Hwe CHO, Heung Nam HAN 605
Effect of SiC particles on microstructure and mechanical property of friction stir processed AA6061-T4 Don-Hyun CHOI, Yong-Il KIM, DAE-Up KIM, Seung-Boo JUNG 614
Friction stir butt welding of A5052-O aluminum alloy plates Sung-Ook YOON, Myoung-Soo KANG, Hyun-Bin NAM, Yong-Jai KWON, Sung-Tae HONG,Jin-Chun KIM, Kwang-Hak LEE, Chang-Yong 619
Influence of tool plunge depth and welding distance on friction stir lap welding of AA5454-O aluminum alloy plates with different thicknesses Jun-Won KWON, Myoung-Soo KANG, Sung-Ook YOON, Yong-Jai KWON, Sung-Tae HONG, Dae-Il KIM, Kwang-Hak LEE, Jong-Dock SEO 624
Influences of tool plunge speed and tool plunge depth on friction spot joining of AA5454-O aluminum alloy plates with different thicknesses Sung-Ook YOON, Myoung-Soo KANG, Yong-Jai KWON, Sung-Tae HONG, Dong-Hwan PARK,Kwang-Hak LEE, Chang-Yong LIM, Jong-D 629
Fabrication of SiCp/AA5083 composite via friction stir welding Byung-Wook AHN, Don-Hyun CHOI, Yong-Hwan KIM, Seung-Boo JUNG 634
Microstructures of brazing zone between titanium alloy and stainless steel using various filler metals Taeshin CHUNG, Jungsoo KIM, Jeongseok BANG, Byoungho RHEE, Daegeun NAM 639
Effect of bonding interface on delamination behavior of drawn Cu/Al bar clad material Sangmok LEE, Min-Geun LEE, Sang-Pill LEE, Geun-Ahn LEE, Yong-Bae KIM, Jong-Sup LEE, Dong-Su BAE 645
Effect of strain, strain rate and temperature on workability of AZ80 wrought magnesium alloy Lü Wen-quan, QUAN Guo-zheng, YU Chun-tang, ZHAO Lei, ZHOU Jie 650
Microforming of superplastic 5083 aluminum alloy Md. Abu Mowazzem HOSSAIN, Sung-Tae HONG, Kyu-Yeol PARK, Young-Sang NA 656
Effect of alloying on high temperature fatigue performance of ZL114A (Al-7Si) alloy DONG Xu-gang, ZHOU Jie, JIA Yao-jun, LIU Bin 661
Determination of critical parameters for dynamic recrystallization in Ti-6Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V alloy XIA Yu-feng, LIU Ying-ying, MAO Yuan-ping, QUAN Guo-zheng, ZHOU Jie 668
Grain size dependence of flow stress in ECAPed Ti with constant texture Chang-Young HYUN, Ho-Kyung KIM 673
Effect of processing temperatures on characteristics of surface layers of low temperature plasma nitrocarburized AISI 204Cu austenitic stainless steel Insup LEE 678
Laser-assisted deposition of Cu bumps for microelectronic packaging Won-Seok CHOI, Joohan KIM 683
Microstructure of porous Cu fabricated by freeze-drying process of CuO/camphene slurry Sung-tag OH, Si-young CHANG, Myung-jin SUK 688
Improvement of mechanical properties of Sn-58Bi alloy with multi-walled carbon nanotubes HE Peng, Lü Xiao-chun, LIN Tie-song, LI Hai-xin, AN Jing, MA Xin, FENG Ji-cai, ZHANG Yan, LI Qi 692
Modification of mechanical properties by TiO2 nano-particle for biodegradable materials made from palm oil sludge and activated sludge cake Panithi YUTHAVISUTHI, Lerpong JARUPAN, Chiravoot PECHYEN 697
Synthesis of Fe3O4-coated silica aerogel nanocomposites Jun Sung LEE, Eun Jung LEE, Hae Jin HWANG 702
Synthesis of tin nanoparticles through modified polyol process and effects of centrifuging and drying on nanoparticles Sang-Soo CHEE, Jong-Hyun LEE 707
Effective parameters on diameter of carbon nanotubes by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition Kang Young JEONG, Hyun Kyung JUNG, Hyung Woo LEE 712
Polyaniline and multi-walled carbon nanotube composite electrode for rechargeable battery Yu-Jeong LIM, Min-Young PARK, Sang-Keol LEE , Won-Ki LEE , Nam-Ju JO 717
Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of Ti-B-N coatings deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition Jung Ho SHIN, Kwang Soo CHOI, Tie-gang WANG, Kwang Ho KIM, Roman NOWAK 722
Synthesis and properties of Cr-Al-Si-N films deposited by hybrid coating system with high power impulsemagnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) and DC pulse sputtering Min Su KANG, Tie-gang WANG, Jung Ho SHIN, Roman NOWAK, Kwang Ho KIM 729
Growth of BaTiO3-Ag hybrid composite films at room temperature by aerosol deposition Young Joon YOON, Sung Hwan CHO, Jihoon KIM, Hyo Tae KIM, Hong Koo BAIK, Jong-Hee KIM 735
Effect of substrate bias on microstructure and tribological performance of GLC films using hybrid HIPIMS technique ZHANG Xue-qian, KE Pei-ling, WANG Ai-ying, HUANGMei-dong, Kwang Ho KIM 740
Comparison of electrochemical properties of atmospheric pressure plasma coatings for Al2O3-3TiO2 and CoNiCrAlY in sea water Seong-jong KIM, Seong-kweon KIM, Jae-cheul PARK 745
Electrochemical characteristics of HVOF spray coated layer with WC-27NiCr and WC-10Co4Cr for Al bronze Min-su HAN, Seung-jun LEE, Min-sung KIM, Seok-ki JANG, Seong-jong KIM 753
Corrosion resistance of composite coating on magnesium alloy using combined microarc oxidation and inorganic sealing YANG Wei, WANG Ai-ying, JIANG Bai-ling 760
Ultrasonic-assisted vibration tapping using taps with different coatings Chung-chen TSAO, Kei-lin KUO 764
Wear characteristics of V shape diamond tool for micro prism pattern with Al alloys Eun-Suk PARK, Tae-Jin JE, Hwan-JinCHOI, Eun-ChaeJEON, Myung-Chang KANG 769
Machining performance on hybrid process of abrasive jet machining and electrical discharge machining Yan-cherng LIN, Yuan-feng CHEN, A-cheng WANG, Wan-lin SEI 775
Material properties and machining performance of hybrid Ti2AlN bulk material for micro electrical discharge machining Eui-Seong CHOI, Jinwoo SUNG, Qi-min WANG, Kwang-Ho KIM, Ahmed BUSNAINA, Myung Chang KANG 781
Diamond machining of sinusoidal grid surface using fast tool servo system for fabrication of hydrophobic surface Hong LU, Deug-Woo LEE, Sang-Min LEE, Jeong-Woo PARK 787
Rotary ultrasonic-assisted milling of brittle materials KUO Kei-lin, TSAO Chung-chen 793
Surface effects of hybrid vibration-assisted femtosecond laser system for micro-hole drilling of copper substrate Jung-Kyu PARK, Ji-Woon YOON, Myung-Chang KANG, Sung-Hak CHO 801
Internal modification in transparent hybrid germanium-silica plates using plasma formation induced by a femtosecond laser Ji-Wook YOON, Jung-Kyu PARK, Kwang-Ho KIM, Myung-Chang KANG, Sung-Hak CHO 808
Process analysis of direct laser melting to fabricate layered hybrid beads Jeong-hwan JANG, Sung-min MUN, Tae-hyun KIM, Young-hoon MOON 813
Microstructure of fast tool servo machining on copper alloy Hong LU, Soo-chang CHOI, Sang-min LEE, Deug-woo LEE 820
An effective round ball tool in electrochemistry process as novel reuse fabrication technology P. S. PA 825
FEA technique of hot plate forming process using cell-typed die with cooling device Jung-Min LEE, In-Kyu LEE, Kyung-Hun LEE, Dae-Soon KIM, Byung-Min KIM 831
Deformation prediction of porcelain-enameled steels with strain history by press forming and high-temperature behavior of coating layer Young-Ki SON, Chan-Joo LEE, Jung-Min LEE, Byung-Min KIM 838
Mathematical model determination for improvement of surface roughness in magnetic-assisted abrasive polishing of nonferrous AISI316 material Jae-Seob KWAK 845
Development of micro milling force model and cutting parameter optimization Shih-ming WANG, Da-fun CHEN, Min-chang JANG, Shambaljamts TSOOJ 851
Thermal deformation of aluminum alloy casting materials for tire mold by numerical analysis Hee-Sung YOON, Je-Se CHOI, Yool-Kwon OH 859
Experiments and computer simulation analysis of impact behaviors of micro-sized abrasive in waterjet cutting of thin multiple layered materials Jung-Han LEE, Kang-Su PARK, Myung Chang KANG, Bo Sik KANG, Bo Sung SHIN 864
Reactive wetting phenomena of MgO-C refractories in contact with CaO-SiO2 slag Seon-Hwa HEO, Kyuyong LEE, Yongsug CHUNG 870
Effect of pulse time on surface characteristics and corrosion resistance during pulse electrochemical polishing Young-Bin KIM, Jeong-Woo PARK 876
Electrochemical characteristics of Al-Mg and Al-Mg-Si alloy in sea water Seong-jong KIM, Seung-jun LEE, Jae-yong JEONG, Kyu-hwan KIM 881

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