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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 23    No. 2    February 2013

Structural Materials
Strength enhancement of Mg-3Gd-1Zn alloy by cold rolling Di WU, Wei-neng TANG, Rong-shi CHEN, En-hou HAN 301
Poisoning-free effect of calcium on grain refinement of Mg-3%Al alloy containing trace Fe by carbon inoculation Jun DU, Hai-lei WANG, Ming-chuan ZHOU, Wen-fang LI 307
Welding characteristics of AZ31B magnesium alloy using DC-PMIG welding Zhao-dong ZHANG, Li-ming LIU, Gang SONG 315
Effect of surface diffusion alloying on erosion wear property of ZM5 magnesium alloy You-ping MA, Xiu-lan LI, Lei YANG, Xi-peng HE 323
Effect of hot deformation conditions on grain structure and properties of 7085 aluminum alloy Song-yi CHEN, Kang-hua CHEN, Le JIA, Guo-sheng PENG 329
Microstructure and mechanical property of A356 based composite by friction stir processing Don-Hyun CHOI, Yong-Hwan KIM, Byung-Wook AHN, Yong-Il KIM, Seung-Boo JUNG 335
Solid-state bonding between Al and Cu by vacuum hot pressing Kwang Seok LEE, Yong-Nam KWON 341
Wear performance of in-situ aluminum matrix composite after micro-arc oxidation Yaman ERARSLAN 347
High temperature deformation behavior and optimization of hot compression process parameters in TC11 titanium alloy with coarse lamellar original microstructure Shi-qiang LU, Xin LI, Ke-lu WANG, Xian-juan DONG, M. W. FU 353
Influence of particle size on property of Ti-6Al-4V alloy prepared by high-velocity compaction Zhi-qiao YAN, Feng CHEN, Yi-xiang CAI, Jian YIN 361
Manufacture of μ-PIM gear mold by electroforming of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-W alloys Seong Ho SON, Sung Cheol PARK, Wonsik LEE, Hong-Kee LEE 366
Effects of microwave sintering temperature and soaking time on microstructure of WC-8Co Rui BAO, Jian-hong YI, Yuan-dong PENG, Hao-ze ZHANG 372
Pipe reduction of miniature inner grooved copper tubes through rotary swaging process Long-sheng LU, Yong TANG, Wei-qiang FANG, Jiang CHENG 377
Estimation of tensile strength of ductile iron friction welded joints using hybrid intelligent methods Rados?aw WINICZENKO, Robert SALAT, Micha? AWTONIUK 385
Functional Materials
Tribological behavior and mechanisms of graphite/CaF2/TiC/Ni-base alloy composite coatings Bin CAI, Ye-fa TAN, Long HE, Hua TAN, Xiao-long WANG 392
Sliding wear behavior of magnetorheological fluid for brass with and without magnetic field Wan-Li SONG, Chul-Hee LEE, Seung-Bok CHOI 400
Effects of nano-additive TiO2 on performance of micro-arc oxidation coatings formed on 6063 aluminum alloy Hong-xia LI, Ren-guo SONG, Zhen-guo JI 406
Microarc oxidation coating fabricated on AZ91D Mg alloy in an optimized dual electrolyte Shu-yan WANG, Yong-ping XIA 412
Effect of hexagonal-BN on phase transformation of additive-free Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites prepared from amorphous precursor Alfian NOVIYANTO, Dang-Hyok YOON, Kyungseok LEE, Young Moon KIM, Doo-In KIM,Young-Keun JEONG, Kwang Ho KIM, Sehun 420
Characterization of Au/CdTe nanocomposites prepared by electrostatic interaction Mohammad Mahbub RABBANI, Dae-geun NAM, Dae-han KIM, Weontae OH 426
Temperature coefficient of resistivity of TiAlN films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering Min-Ho PARK, Sang-Ho KIM 433
Grinding-sol-gel synthesis and electrochemical performance of mesoporous Li3V2(PO4)3 cathode materials Guo-cong LIU, You-nian LIU, Su-qing LIU 439
Structure and electrochemical performance of Cu singly doped and Cu/Al co-doped nano-nickel hydroxide Jie BAO, Yan-juan ZHU, Yi-huan ZHUANG, Qing-sheng XU, Ru-dong ZHAO, Yong-lin LIU, Hao-liang ZHONG 445
Synthesis and characterization of LiFePO4 coating with aluminum doped zinc oxide Hao TANG, Long TAN, Jun XU 451
Affinity and fluorescent detection of surfactants/ssDNA and single-walled carbon nanotube Jiao ZHOU, Juan-ping LI, Yu-hong NIE, Ji-shan LI, Jin-feng YANG 456
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Failure characteristics and its influencing factors of talus-derived rock mass during open-pit mining Gui-he WANG, Yu-you YANG, Hui ZHANG, Zi-xin ZHANG 462
Prediction of rockburst classification using Random Forest Long-jun DONG, Xi-bing LI, Kang PENG 472
Creep experiment and rheological model of deep saturated rock Lang LIU, Ge-ming WANG, Jian-hong CHEN, Shan YANG 478
Heavy metal contamination, physico-chemical and microbial evaluation of water samples collected from chromite mine environment of Sukinda, India S. DAS, S. C. PATNAIK,H. K. SAHU, A. CHAKRABORTY, M. SUDARSHAN, H. N. THATOI 484
Bioleaching and electrochemical property of marmatite by Leptospirillum ferrooxidans Jin-rong BAN, Guo-hua GU, Ke-ting HU 494
Separation behavior and mechanism of hematite and collophane in the presence of collector RFP-138 Kan-ping YU, Yong-fu YU, Xiang-yang XU 501
Arrhenius relationship and two-step scheme in AF hyperdynamics simulation of diffusion of Mg/Zn interface Yong-quan WU, Xiu-ming LU, Tong SHEN 508
Kinetics of cobalt(II) extraction from sulfate aqueous solution by sodium salt of di-decylphosphinic acid (DDPA) Peng XING, Cheng-yan WANG, Sheng-ming XU, Zhong-jun JU 517
Removal of chromium(III) from aqueous waste solution by predispersed solvent extraction Jian-hong LUO, Jun LI, Zhao-peng YANG, Xue-feng LIU 524
Modification of ACFs by chemical vapor deposition and its application for removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution Li-ping WANG, Zhu-cheng HUANG, Ming-yu ZHANG 530
Preparation of ultrafine rhenium powders by CVD hydrogen reduction of volatile rhenium oxides Meng BAI, Zhi-hong LIU, Le-jun ZHOU, Zhi-yong LIU, Chuan-fu ZHANG 538
Thermodynamic approach to synthesis of silver nanocrystalline by mechanical milling silver oxide Gholam Reza KHAYATI, Kamal JANGHORBAN 543
Response surface optimization of process parameters for reduction roasting of low-grade pyrolusite by bagasse Ke-di YANG, Xian-jia YE, Jing SU, Hai-feng SU, Yun-fei LONG, Xiao-yan Lü, Yan-xuan WEN 548
Effect of Si on growth kinetics of intermetallic compounds during reaction between solid iron and molten aluminum Fu-cheng YIN, Man-xiu ZHAO, Yong-xiong LIU, Wei HAN, Zhi LI 556
Dilute H2SO4 solution for copper seed cleaning in electroplating Youn-Seoung LEE, Jae-Sik YOON, Yang-Rae JO, Heesoo LEE, Sa-Kyun RHA 562

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