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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 24    No. 10    October 2014

Development of advanced electron tomography in materials science based on TEM and STEM Mao-hua LI, Yan-qing YANG, Bin HUANG, Xian LUO, Wei ZHANG, Ming HAN, Ji-gang RU 3031
Structural Materials
Vacuum assisted high-pressure die casting of AZ91D magnesium alloy at different slow shot speeds Qing-liang WANG, Shou-mei XIONG 3051
Microstructural evolution and delayed hydride cracking of FSW-AZ31 magnesium alloy during SSRT Rong-chang ZENG, Wolfgang DIETZEL, Rudolf ZETTLER, Wei-min GAN, Xin-xin SUN 3060
Microstructures and mechanical properties of extruded and aged Mg-Zn-Mn-Sn-Y alloys Guang-shan HU, Ding-fei ZHANG, Ding-zang ZHAO, Xia SHEN, Lu-yao JIANG, Fu-sheng PAN 3070
Precipitation kinetics of 2519A aluminum alloy based on aging curves and DSC analysis Yi-ping WU, Ling-ying YE, Yu-zhen JIA, Ling LIU, Xin-ming ZHANG 3076
Influence of dent on residual ultimate strength of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy plate under axial compression Zhi-gang LI, Ming-yi ZHANG, Fu LIU, Chun-sheng MA, Jin-huan ZHANG, Zhong-min HU, Jia-zhen ZHANG, Ya-nan ZHAO 3084
Microstructure instability of fully lamellar TiAl alloy containing high content of Nb after long-term thermal cycling Lu FANG, Xian-fei DING, Jian-ping HE, Lai-qi ZHANG, Zhi LIN, Jun-pin LIN 3095
Deformed microstructure and texture of Ti6Al4V alloy Liu-qing YANG, Yan-qing YANG 3103
Influence of laser peening on microstructure and fatigue lives of Ti-6Al-4V S. ANAND KUMAR, R. SUNDAR, S. GANESH SUNDARA RAMAN, H. KUMAR, R. KAUL, K. RANGANATHAN, S. M. OAK, L. M. KUKREJA, K. S. BINDRA 3111
Interfacial reactions between Ti-1100 alloy and CaO crucible during casting process Bin-guo FU, Hong-wei WANG, Chun-ming ZOU, Pan MA, Zun-jie WEI 3118
Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction welds between TiAl alloy and 40Cr steel rods Hong-gang DONG, Lian-zhen YU, Hong-ming GAO, De-wei DENG, Wen-long ZHOU, Chuang DONG 3126
Flexural destructive process of unidirectional carbon/carbon composites reinforced with in situ grown carbon nanofibers Xue-feng LU, Peng XIAO, Xian-feng XU, Jie CHEN 3134
Functional Materials
Microstructure and magnetic properties of anisotropic Nd-Fe-B magnets prepared by spark plasma sintering and hot deformation Xiao-qiang LI, Li LI, Ke HU, Zhi-cheng CHEN, Sheng-guan QU, Chao YANG 3142
Magnetocaloric effect in Ni-Mn-In-Co microwires prepared by Taylor-Ulitovsky method Xue-xi ZHANG, Sheng-pei MIAO, Jian-fei SUN 3152
Giant magnetoresistance in Fe/SiO2/p-Si hybrid structure under non-equilibrium conditions N. V. VOLKOV, A. S. TARASOV, A. O. GUSTAJCEV, O. N. VOLKOVA, S. N. VARNAKOV, S. G. OVCHINNIKOV 3158
Effect of Zr and Sc on mechanical properties and electrical conductivities of Al wires Run-ze CHAO, Xi-hua GUAN , Ren-guo GUAN, Di TIE, Chao LIAN, Xiang WANG, Jian ZHANG 3164
In-situ formation characteristic, tribological characterization and anti-corrosion properties of quaternary composites films Ojo Sunday Isaac FAYOMI, Abimbola Patricia Idowu POPOOLA 3170
Effect of deposition parameters on micro- and nano-crystalline diamond films growth on WC-Co substrates by HFCVD Jian-guo ZHANG, Xin-chang WANG, Bin SHEN, Fang-hong SUN 3181
Electrodeposition mechanism of Ni-Al composite coating Mohsen ADABI, Ahmad Ali AMADEH 3189
Influence of recovery heating rate on shape memory effect in up-quenched Cu-Al-Mn alloy Shan-ling WANG, Qin YANG, Xiao-lan LI, Hua-bei PENG, Yu-hua WEN 3196
Wire electric discharge machining characteristics of titanium nickel shape memory alloy M. MANJAIAH, S. NARENDRANATH, S. BASAVARAJAPPA, V. N. GAITONDE 3201
Properties and microstructure of Cu/diamond composites prepared by spark plasma sintering method Jing-mei TAO, Xin-kun ZHU, Wei-wei TIAN, Peng YANG, Hao YANG 3210
Effects of Fe content on photocatalytic activity of CaTiO3-Fex Chong HAN, He YANG, Xiang-xin XUE 3215
Computational Materials Science and Numerical Modelling
New atom movement mechanism for tracking path on disordering AuCuI (A8AuA4Cu ) compound You-qing XIE, Hong-jian PENG, Xin-bi LIU, Xiao-bo LI, Yao-zhuang NIE 3221
Warm bending mechanism of extrados and intrados of large diameter thin-walled CP-Ti tubes Xiao-li ZHANG, He YANG, Heng LI, Zhi-yong ZHANG, Long LI 3257
Accuracy analysis of plane-strain bulge test for determining mechanical properties of thin films Lin YANG, Shi-guo LONG, Zeng-sheng MA, Zi-han WANG 3265
Effects of die geometry on non-equal channel lateral extrusion (NECLE) of AZ80 magnesium alloy Faramarz FERESHTEH-SANIEE, Mohammad ASGARI, Mahmoud BARATI, Sayed Mahmoud PEZESHKI 3274
Upper bound analysis for hybrid sheet metals extrusion process through curved dies H. HAGHIGHAT, H. SHAYESTEH 3285
Numerical studies of effect of tool sizes and pin shapes on friction stir welding of AA2024-T3 alloy Zhao ZHANG, Qi WU, Hong-wu ZHANG 3293
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Subsidence prediction method based on equivalent mining height theory for solid backfilling mining Guang-li GUO, Xiao-jun ZHU, Jian-feng ZHA, Qiang WANG 3302
Evaluation of PS-DInSAR technology for subsidence monitoring caused by repeated mining in mountainous area Zhen-guo LIU, Zheng-fu BIAN, Shao-gang LEI, Dong-lie LIU, Andrew SOWTER 3309
Mechanical properties of anti-seepage grouting materials for heavy metal contaminated soil Yu-you YANG, Jian-qiang WANG, Hai-jun DOU 3316
Fractional distribution and risk assessment of heavy metal contaminated soil in vicinity of a lead/zinc mine Shun-hong HUANG 3324
Archaeal and bacterial communities in acid mine drainage from metal-rich abandoned tailing ponds, Tongling, China Yang YANG, Yang LI, Qing-ye SUN 3332
Influence of sodium 2,3-dihydroxypropyl dithiocarbonate on floatability of chalcopyrite and galena Zheng-jie PIAO, De-zhou WEI, Zhi-lin LIU 3343
Influence of thermal history on conversion of aluminate species in sodium aluminate solution Xiao-bin LI, Dong-feng ZHAO, Shuai-shuai YANG, Dan-qin WANG, Qiu-sheng ZHOU, Gui-hua LIU 3348
Crystallization behaviors of bayerite from sodium chromate alkali solutions Guang-yeWEI, Jing-kui QU, Yu-dong ZHENG,Tao QI, Qiang GUO, Bing-bing HAN, Hong-xin ZHAO 3356
Thermodynamics on formation of C, Al4C3 and Al2O3 in AlCl disproportionation process in vacuum to produce aluminum Yue-bin FENG, Bin YANG, Yong-nian DAI 3366
Solid-state reduction kinetics and mechanism of pre-oxidized vanadium-titanium magnetite concentrate Shui-shi LIU, Yu-feng GUO, Guan-zhou QIU, Tao JIANG, feng CHEN 3372
Non-isothermal kinetic analysis of thermal dehydration of La2(CO3)3·3.4H2O in air Xiang-hui Zhang, Chuan He, Ling Wang, Jing Liu, Miao Deng, Qian Feng 3378
Kinetics and mechanism of adsorptive removal of copper from aqueous solution with poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel Tongsai JAMNONGKAN, Krittiya KANTAROT, Kitiya NIEMTANG, P. Pungboon PANSILA, Amnuay WATTANAKORNSIRI 3386
Effects of current density on preparation and performance of Al/conductive coating/α-PbO2-CeO2-TiO2/β-PbO2-MnO2-WC-ZrO2 composite electrode materials Hai-tao YANG, Bu-ming CHEN, Zhong-cheng GUO, Huan-rong LIU, Yong-chun ZHANG, Hui HUANG, Rui-dong XU, Ren-chun FU 3394

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