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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 25    No. 3    March 2015

Structural Materials
Synthesis of Al-SrB6 composite via powder metallurgy processing Yucel BIROL 677
Production and characterization of rich husk ash particulate reinforced AA6061 aluminum alloy composites by compocasting J. ALLWYN KINGSLY GLADSTON, N. MOHAMED SHERIFF, I. DINAHARAN, J. DAVID RAJA SELVAM 683
Flow stress behavior and processing map of extruded 7075Al/SiC particle reinforced composite prepared by spray deposition during hot compression Hong-dan WU, Hui ZHANG, Shuang CHEN, Ding-fa FU 692
Effects of processing parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of powder-thixoforged 6061 aluminum alloy Yu-shi CHEN, Ti-jun CHEN,Su-qing ZHANG, Pu-bo LI 699
Influence of I-phase and W-phase on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-8Li-3Zn alloy Guo-bing WEI, Xiao-dong PENG, Bao ZHANG, Amir HADADZADEH, Tian-cai XU, Wei-dongXIE 713
As-cast microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg-4Zn-xY-1Ca (x=1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0) magnesium alloys Ming-bo YANG, De-yong WU, Meng-dan HOU, Fu-sheng PAN 721
Effects of grain size on shift of neutral layer of AZ31 magnesium alloy under warm condition Guang-sheng HUANG, Yan-xia WANG, Li-fei WANG, Ting-zhuang HAN, Fu-sheng PAN 732
Deformation and fracture behavior of commercially pure titanium with gradient nano-to-micron-grained surface layer Yan-fei YIN, Wei XU, Qiao-yan SUN, Lin XIAO, Jun SUN 738
Flow behavior modeling of IMI834 titanium alloy during hot tensile deformation M. H. GHAVAM, M. MORAKABATI, S. M. ABBASI, H. BADRI 748
Effect of thermo-mechanical processing on microstructure and electrochemical behavior of Ti-Nb-Zr-V new metastable β titanium biomedical alloy Mohsin Talib MOHAMMED, Zahid A. KHAN, M. GEETHA 759
Transient liquid phase bonding of Al 2024 to Ti-6Al-4V alloy using Cu-Zn interlayer Majid SAMAVATIAN, Ayoub HALVAEE, Ahmad Ali AMADEH, Alireza KHODABANDEH 770
Effects of Cr content on microstructure and mechanical properties of single crystal superalloy Zhen-xue SHI, Shi-zhong LIU, Xiao-guang WANG, Jia-rong LI 776
Oxidation behavior of Zr-containing Ti2AlNb-based alloy at 800 °C Wei DANG, Jin-shan LI, Tie-bang ZHANG, Hong-chao KOU 783
Functional Materials
Effects of deposition parameters on HFCVD diamond films growth on inner hole surfaces of WC-Co substrates Xin-chang WANG, Zi-chao LIN, Bin SHEN, Fang-hong SUN 791
Microstructure and high temperature oxidation resistance of Si-Y co-deposition coatings prepared on TiAl alloy by pack cementation process Yong-quan LI, Fa-qin XIE, Xiang-qing WU 803
Microstructure and indentation toughness of Cr/CrN multilayer coatings by arc ion plating Gui-hong SONG, Zhuo LUO, Feng LI, Li-jia CHEN, Chun-lin HE 811
Microstructure, mechanical and oxidation characteristics of detonation gun and HVOF sprayed MCrAlYX coatings Jun-guo GAO, Zhi-hui TANG, Chang-liang WANG, Meng-qiu GUO, Yong-jing CUI 817
Effects of chitosan coating on biocompatibility of Mg-6%Zn-10%Ca3(PO4)2 implant Jun ZHAO, Liang-jianCHEN, Kun YU, Chang CHEN, Yi-longDAI, Xue-yan QIAO, Yang YAN, Zhi-ming YU 824
Electroplating mechanism of nanocrystalline NdFeB film Zhong-nian YANG, Cui WANG, Yan ZHANG, Yan XIE 832
DSC analysis of commercial Cu-Cr-Zr alloy processed by equal channel angular pressing K. ABIB, F. HADJ LARBI, L. RABAHI, B. ALILI, D. BRADAI 838
Effect of casting vacuum on thermodynamic and corrosion properties of Fe-based glassy alloy Yi-min SUN, Yong-gang WANG, Ji-teng ZHANG, Rui LI, Ling-yu GUO, Hui XU, Wei-min WANG 844
Effects of Co and Al addition on martensitic transformation and microstructure in ZrCu-based shape memory alloys Wei-hong GAO, Xiang-long MENG, Wei CAI, Lian-cheng ZHAO 850
Wear behavior of SiC/PyC composite materials prepared by electromagnetic-field-assisted CVI Chuan-jun TU, Qi-zhong HUANG, Xian-zhi XIONG, Zhi-yong XIE, Li-hui CAI, Shan CHEN 856
Preparation of in-situ Cu/NbC nanocomposite and its functionally graded behavior for electrical contact applications S. GHOLAMI SHIRI, P. ABACHI, K. POURAZARANG, M. MOHAMMADI RAHVARD 863
Microstructure and formation process of Ni-pool defect in WC-8Ni cemented carbides Kai-hua SHI, Ke-chao ZHOU, Zhi-you LI, Dou ZHANG, Xiu-qi ZAN 873
Effects of Sn element on microstructure and properties of Zn-Cu-Bi-Sn high-temperature solder Fei XING, Xiao-ming QIU, Yang-dong LI 879
Computational Materials Science and Numerical Modelling
Holographic alloy positioning design system and holographic network phase diagrams of Au-Cu system You-qing XIE, Xin-bi LIU, Xiao-bo LI, Hong-jian PENG,Yao-zhuang NIE 885
Modified embedded-atom interatomic potential for Co-W and Al-W systems Wei-ping DONG, Zheng CHEN, Byeong-Joo LEE 907
First-principles calculations of structural, electronic, elastic and thermal properties of phase M2SiC (M=Ti, V, Cr, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta and W) B. GHEBOULI, M. A. GHEBOULI, M. FATMI, L. LOUAIL, T. CHIHI, A. BOUHEMADOU 915
3D FEM simulation of flow velocity field for 5052 aluminum alloy multi-row sprocket in cold semi-precision forging process Wang-jun CHENG, Cheng-zhong CHI, Yong-zhen WANG, Peng LIN, Ri-hong ZHAO, Wei LIANG 926
Effects of static magnetic fields on melt flow in detached solidification Lan PENG, Huan GONG 936
Application of novel physical picture based on artificial neural networks to predict microstructure evolution of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy during solid solution process Jiao-jiao LIU, Hong-ying LI, De-wangLI, Yue WU 944
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Damage failure of cemented backfill and its reasonable match with rock mass Zhi-xiang LIU, Ming LAN, Si-you XIAO, Hu-qiang GUO 954
Plotting and application of predominance area diagram of In-S-O system based on topological rules Fu-chun XIE, Zhou-lan YIN, Jun TAN, Chang-qing LIU, Ping-min ZHANG 960
Preparation of potassium chromate by roasting of carbon ferrochrome Guo-rong HU, Jia-liang WANG, Zhong-dong PENG, Ke DU, Wei-gang WANG, Qing-lai JIANG 966
Response surface optimization of process parameters for removal of F and Cl from zinc oxide fume by microwave roasting Zhi-qiang LI, Jing LI, Li-bo ZHANG, Jin-hui PENG, Shi-xing WANG, Ai-yuan MA, Bao-bao WANG 973
Synthesis of platy potassium magnesium titanate and its application in removal of copper ions from aqueous solution Yan-ni TAN, Ni SONG, Yong LIU, Tao LUO, Yu-hai DOU, Qing ZHANG, Qian-nan LIU, Lan-lan LUO 981
Adsorption of Cu2+ from aqueous solution by modified biomass material Ying-bo DONG, Hai LIN 991
Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics in rare earth chloride solution in jet-flow pyrolysis reactor Chao Lü, Qiu-yue ZHAO, Zi-mu ZHANG, Zhi-he DOU, Ting-an ZHANG, Hong-liang ZHAO 997
Effect of melt superheat on structural uniformity of lotus-type porous metals prepared by unidirectional solidification Yuan LIU, Hua-wei ZHANG, Yan-xiang LI 1004
Interaction between AE44 magnesium alloy and SiC-Al2O3-SiO2 ceramic foam Matej STEINACHER, Primo? MRVAR, Franc ZUPANI? 1011
Price linkage between Chinese and international nonferrous metals commodity markets based on VAR-DCC-GARCH models Yi-ding YUE, Du-chi LIU, Shan XU 1020

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