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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 27    No. 10    October 2017

Structural Materials
Friction stir welding of aluminum to copper—An overview Nidhi SHARMA, Zahid A. KHAN, Arshad Noor SIDDIQUEE 2113
Effect of nano-silver on microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of cast 6061 aluminum alloy G. PITCHAYYAPILLAI, P. SEENIKANNAN, P. BALASUNDAR, P. NARAYANASAMY 2137
Evolution of second phases and mechanical properties of 7075 Al alloy processed by solution heat treatment Xiu-liang ZOU,, Hong YAN,, Xiao-hui CHEN, 2146
AW-7075-T6 sheet for shock heat treatment forming process M. KUMAR, 2156
Taguchi approach to influence of processing parameters on erosive wear behaviour of Al7034-T6 composites B. A. MUDASAR PASHA, Kaleemulla MOHAMED 2163
Effects of forging parameters on uniformity in deformation and microstructure of AZ31B straight spur gear Zhao-yang JIN, Nan-nan LI, Qi ZHANG, Kai YAN, Zhen-shan CUI 2172
Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of stir zone of friction stir welded dissimilar joints of AA6061 aluminium–AZ31B magnesium alloys R. KAMAL JAYARAJ, S. MALARVIZHI, V. BALASUBRAMANIAN 2181
Brazing of TiBw/TC4 composite and Ti60 alloy using TiZrNiCu amorphous filler alloy Xiao-guo SONG,, Te ZHANG, Yang-ju FENG, Cai-wang TAN,, Jian CAO, Wen-cong ZHANG 2193
Functional Materials
Effects of environment on dry sliding wear behavior of silver-copper based composites containing tungsten disulfide Ji-si WU, Jing-fu LI, Lei ZHANG, Zhi-yuan QIAN 2202
Constrained sintering and wear properties of Cu-WC composite coatings J. L. CABEZAS-VILLA, L. OLMOS, H. J. VERGARA-HERNáNDEZ, O. JIMéNEZ, P. GARNICA, D. BOUVARD, M. FLORES 2214
Microstructural, corrosion and mechanical behavior of two-step plasma electrolyte oxidation ceramic coatings H. KHANMOHAMMADI, S. R. ALLAHKARAM, N. TOWHIDI 2225
Microstructure, martensitic transformation and mechanical properties of Ni-Mn-Sn alloys by substituting Fe for Ni Chang-long TAN, Zhi-cheng FENG, Kun ZHANG, Ming-yang WU, Xiao-hua TIAN, Er-jun GUO 2234
Effects of Na+ doping on crystalline structure and electrochemical performances of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material Jiang-feng WANG, Dan CHEN, Wei WU, Li WANG, Guang-chuan LIANG 2239
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Pollution hazards of heavy metals in sewage sludge from four wastewater treatment plants in Nanchang, China Ting YANG, Hua-jun HUANG, Fa-ying LAI 2249
Recovery of molybdenum and copper from porphyry ore via iso-flotability flotation Qing-quan LIN, Guo-hua GU, Hui WANG, You-cai LIU, Chong-qing WANG, Jian-gang FU, Jun-yao ZHAO, Luo-luo HUANG 2260
Kinetics of zinc sulfide concentrate direct leaching in pilot plant scale and development of semi-empirical model Nima SADEGHI, Javad MOGHADDAM, Mehdi OJAGHI ILKHCHI 2272
Evaluation of flow behavior in copper electro-refining cell with different inlet arrangements Ping ZHOU, Hai-bo MA, Zi-wei XIE, Hong-jie YAN, Chenn Q. ZHOU, 2282
Nucleation/growth mechanism of electrocrystallization for As-Sb alloy in hydrochloric acid system Hua-zhen CAO, Yu-feng ZHANG, Qian-qian WANG, Lian-kui WU, Guo-qu ZHENG 2291
Grain growth and thermal stability of nanocrystalline Ni-TiO2 composites Te NIU, Wei-wei CHEN, Huan-wu CHENG, Lu WANG 2300
Electrochemical synthesis of NbC-Sn composite powder in molten chloride Hong-mei LI,, Qiu-shi SONG,, Qian XU,, Ying CHEN,, Jing-chun MENG, 2310

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