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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 27    No. 11    November 2017

Structural Materials
Hybrid multi-objective optimization of microstructural and mechanical properties of B4C/A356 composites fabricated by FSP using TOPSIS and modified NSGA-II Mostafa AKBARI, Mohammad Hasan SHOJAEEFARD, Parviz ASADI, Abolfazl KHALKHALI 2317
Parametric optimization of friction stir welding parameters of marine grade aluminium alloy using response surface methodology S. SHANAVAS, J. EDWIN RAJA DHAS 2334
QFD-Taguchi based hybrid approach in die casting process optimization K. Ch. APPARAO, Anil Kumar BIRRU 2345
Properties of AA7075 aluminum alloy in aging and retrogression and reaging process Gokhan OZER, Ahmet KARAASLAN 2357
Microstructure evolution and strengthening mechanisms of spray-formed 5A12 Al alloy processed by high reduction rolling Cai-he FAN, Xi-hong CHEN, Xin-peng ZHOU, Ling OU, Jian-jun YANG, Ying-biao PENG 2363
Erosion and erosion-corrosion of Al-brass alloy: Effects of jet velocity, sand concentration and impingement angle on surface roughness Morteza ABEDINI,, Hamid M. GHASEMI 2371
Effects of solid solution treatment and cooling on morphology of LPSO phase and precipitation hardening behavior of Mg-Dy-Ni alloy Li-tao YUAN, Guang-li BI, Yuan-dong LI, Jing JIANG, Yu-xiang HAN, Da-qing FANG, Ying MA 2381
Deformation banding in β working of two-phase TA15 titanium alloy Xiao-guang FAN, Xiang ZENG, He YANG, Peng-fei GAO, Miao MENG, Rui ZUO, Peng-hui LEI 2390
Effect of carbon on high temperature compressive and creep properties of β-stabilized TiAl alloy Can-xu ZHOU, Bin LIU, Yong LIU, Cong-zhang QIU, Hui-zhong LI, Yue-hui HE 2400
Computational Materials Science and Numerical Modelling
Simulation of critical cooling rate and process conditions for metallic glasses in vertical type twin-roll casting Zhi-pu PEI, Dong-ying JU,, Xue LI 2406
Calculation and experimental study on heating temperature field of super-high strength aluminum alloy thick plate Shi-tong FAN, Yun-lai DENG,, Jin ZHANG, Xiao-bin GUO 2415
Prediction of tri-modal microstructure under complex thermomechanical processing history in isothermal local loading forming of titanium alloy Peng-fei GAO, He YANG, Xiao-guang FAN, Zhen-ni LEI, Yang CAI 2423
Modeling of deformation energy at elevated temperatures and its application in Mg-Li-Al-Y alloy Fu-rong CAO, Bi-jin ZHOU,, Bin YIN,, Guo-qiang XUE,, Xiao-tong ZHU,, Guang-ming XU 2434
Tensile stress-strain behavior of metallic alloys Jun CAO, Fu-guo LI, Xin-kai MA, Zhan-kun SUN 2443
Influence of process parameters on properties of AA6082 in hot forming process Wen-yu MA, Bao-yu WANG, Jian-guo LIN,, Xue-feng TANG 2454
Optimization of extrusion process parameters of Incoloy028 alloy based on hot compression test and simulation Zhi-qiang YU, Gen-shu ZHOU, Lei-feng TUO,, Cong-fei SONG 2464
Mine Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Effect of grinding with sulfur on surface properties and floatability of three nonferrous metal oxides Zhao LI, Min CHEN, Peng-wu HUANG, Qi-wu ZHANG, Shao-xian SONG 2474
Biological treatment of wastewater with high concentrations of zinc and sulfate ions from zinc pyrithione synthesis Zhi-xiong PENG,, Hui-jun HE,, Chun-ping YANG,,, Guang-ming ZENG,, Shan WEN,, Zhou YAN,, Hai-hong XIANG,, Yan CHENG,, Sheldon TARRE, Michal GREEN 2481
Removal of tungsten from molybdate solution by Fe-Mn binary oxide adsorbent Yun-feng SONG, Li-hua HE,, Xing-yu CHEN, Zhong-wei ZHAO 2492
Multiphase equilibrium modeling of oxygen bottom-blown copper smelting process Qin-meng WANG, Xue-yi GUO, Song-song WANG, Li-le LIAO, Qing-hua TIAN 2503
Relationship between alumina mixing characteristics and feeder configurations in aluminum reduction cells Hong-liang ZHANG,, Shuai YANG,, Jie LI, 2512
Cu-Al interfacial compounds and formation mechanism of copper cladding aluminum composites Di CHU, Jian-yu ZHANG, Jin-jin YAO, Yan-qiu HAN, Chun-jing WU 2521

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