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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 28    No. 10    October 2018

Structural Materials
Phase transformation behavior of Al9(Mn,Ni)2 eutectic phase during heat treatment at 600 °C in Al-4Ni-2Mn alloy Wen-tao YU, Qi-tang HAO, Qian WANG 1913
Effects of under-aging treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of squeeze-cast Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy Fei-fan WANG, Wen MENG, Hong-wei ZHANG, Zhi-qiang HAN 1920
Mechanism of improving strength and damping properties of powder-extruded Al/Zn composite after diffusion annealing Zhi-hao ZHANG, Fei XIAO, You-wei WANG, Yan-bin JIANG 1928
Wettability, microstructure and properties of 6061 aluminum alloy/304 stainless steel butt joint achieved by laser-metal inert-gas hybrid welding-brazing Jun-yu XUE, Yuan-xing LI, Hui CHEN, Zong-tao ZHU 1938
Effect of hot deformation on α→β phase transformation in 47Zr-45Ti-5Al-3V alloy Yuan-biao TAN, Li-yuan Ji, Wen-chang LIU, Song XIANG, Fei ZHAO, Yi-long LIANG 1947
Mechanical and tribological behaviors of graphene/Inconel 718 composites Wei-han XIAO, Shi-qiang LU, Ya-chao WANG, Jing SHI 1958
Effect of Mo addition on microstructure, ordering, and room-temperature mechanical properties of Fe-50Al Mehmet YILDIRIM, M. Vedat AKDENIZ, Amdulla O. MEKHRABOV 1970
Functional Materials
Recent advances in pseudocapacitor electrode materials: Transition metal oxides and nitrides Chen-qi YI, Jian-peng ZOU, Hong-zhi YANG, Xian LENG 1980
Synthesis of Bi2S3 microsphere and its efficient photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation Guo-qing ZHAO, Yi-jian ZHENG, Zhi-guo HE, Ze-xiang LU, Long WANG, Cai-feng LI, Fei-peng JIAO, Chun-yan DENG 2002
In situ formation of Zr2Al3C4/Al2O3 composites by combustion synthesis with PTFE and thermal activations Chun-Liang YEH, Yi-Chang CHEN 2011
Effect of bath composition and pulse electrodeposition condition on characteristics and microhardness of cobalt coatings S. MAHDAVI, S. R. ALLAHKARAM 2017
Microstructure evolution and corrosion behavior of Fe-Al-based intermetallic aluminide coatings under acidic condition Wen-juan LIU, Yu WANG, Hong-bin GE, Li LI, Yi DING, Ling-gang MENG, Xing-guo ZHANG 2028
Comparative study on hot rolling of Cu-Cr and Cu-Cr-CNT nanocomposites S. SHAKIB HAMEDAN, M. ABDI, S. SHEIBANI 2044
Preparation of porous Ta-10%Nb alloy scaffold and its in vitro biocompatibility evaluation using MC3T3-E1 cells Jing-lei MIAO, Jue LIU, Hui-feng WANG, Hai-lin YANG, Jian-ming RUAN 2053
Computational Materials Science and Numerical Modelling
Pressure distributions generated by vaporizing metal foils Sheng CAI 2062
Experimental determination of threshold pressure and permeability based on equation-solving method for liquid metal infiltration processes Ji-ming ZHOU, Le-hua QI 2075
High temperature stress–strain curves of MnS and their applications in finite element simulation Miao JIN, Lin-lin YU, Xin-gang LIU, Bao-feng GUO 2082
FE analysis of extrusion defect and optimization of metal flow in porthole die for complex hollow aluminium profile Jie YI, Zhen-hu WANG, Zhi-wen LIU, Jian-ming ZHANG, Xin HE 2094
Grain size based low cycle fatigue life prediction model for nickel-based superalloy Peng ZHANG, Qiang ZHU, Gang CHEN, He-yong QIN, Chuan-jie WANG 2102
Mining, Mineral Processing, and Metallurgical Engineering
Crack initiation rate of brittle rock under thermal-hydro-mechanical coupling condition Zhuo LI, Qiu-hua RAO, Peng LI, Wei YI 2107
Parameters affecting reaction rate and conversion of TiO2 chlorination in a fluidized bed reactor: Experimental and modeling approach Hossein BORDBAR, Hossein ABEDINI, Ali Akbar YOUSEFI 2114
Effect of ammonium chloride on leaching behavior of alkaline anion and sodium ion in bauxite residue Yi-wei LI, Jun JIANG, Sheng-guo XUE, Graeme J. MILLAR, Xiang-feng KONG, Xiao-fei LI, Meng LI, Chu-xuan LI 2125
Kinetics of uranium extraction from coffinite—A comparison with other common uranium minerals H. S. REYNOLDS, R. RAM, M. I. POWNCEBY, Y. YANG, M. CHEN, J. TARDIO, L. JONES, S. K. BHARGAVA 2135
Electrolytic production of Cu-Ni alloys in CaCl2-Cu2S-NiS molten salt Levent KARTAL, Servet TIMUR 2143

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