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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 29    No. 12    December 2019

Materials Science and Engineering
Re-dissolution and re-precipitation behavior of nano-precipitated phase in Al-Cu-Mg alloy subjected to rapid cold stamping Cai-he FAN, Ling OU, Ze-yi HU, Jian-jun YANG, Xi-hong CHEN 2455
Effects of zinc content on strength and wear performance of Al-12Si-3Cu based alloy Yasin ALEMDAG, Murat BEDER 2463
Nondestructive evaluation of mechanical properties of nanostructured Al-Cu alloy at room and elevated temperatures Hany R. AMMAR, Fahmy M. HAGGAG 2472
Parametric optimization and microstructural characterization of friction welded aeronautic aluminum alloy 2024 Pei-hao GENG, Guo-liang QIN, Jun ZHOU, Chang-an LI 2483
Microstructure and impact mechanical properties of multi-layer and multi-pass TIG welded joints of Al-Zn-Mg alloy plates Qing-wei GAO, Feng-yuan SHU, Peng HE, Wen-bo DU 2496
Effect of Li content on microstructure and mechanical property of Mg-xLi-3(Al-Si) alloys Cheng ZHANG, Liang WU, Zi-long ZHAO, Zhi-hui XIE, Guang-sheng HUANG,Lei LIU, Bin JIANG, Andrej ATRENS, Fu-sheng PAN 2506
Effect of ultrasonic assisted friction stir welding on microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ91-C magnesium alloy Faraz BARADARANI, Amir MOSTAFAPOUR, Maghsoud SHALVANDI 2514
Corrosion behaviour of PEEK or β-TCP-impregnated Ti6Al4V SLM structures targeting biomedical applications M. M. COSTA, T. A. DANTAS, F. BARTOLOMEU, N. ALVES, F. S. SILVA, G. MIRANDA, F. TOPTAN 2523
Effects of pore size and porosity of surface-modified porous titanium implants on bone tissue ingrowth Jing-pu ZHENG, Liang-jian CHEN, Dai-yuan CHEN, Chun-sheng SHAO, Man-fei YI, Bo ZHANG 2534
Preparation of micro/nano-structured ceramic coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation process Da-jun ZHAI, Ke-qin FENG 2546
Effect of Si and Ti on dynamic recrystallization of high-performance Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloy during hot deformation Chao ZHAO, Zhi WANG, De-qing PAN, Dao-xi LI, Zong-qiang LUO, Da-tong ZHANG, Chao YANG, Wei-wen ZHANG 2556
Tuning optical properties of ITO films grown by rf sputtering: Effects of oblique angle deposition and thermal annealing L. G. DAZA, M. ACOSTA, R. CASTRO-RODRíGUEZ, A. IRIBARREN 2566
Effect of frequency and pulse-on time of high power impulse magnetron sputtering on deposition rate and morphology of titanium nitride using response surface methodology Saeed GHASEMI, Ali Reza FARHADIZADEH, Hamid GHOMI 2577
Electrodeposition and characterization of nanocrystalline Fe-Ni-Cr alloy coatings synthesized via pulse current method Ebrahim YOUSEFI, Ahmad IRANNEJAD, Shahriar SHARAFI 2591
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Xanthate interaction and flotation separation of H2O2-treated chalcopyrite and pyrite Sultan Ahmed KHOSO, Yue-hua HU, Fei Lü, Ya GAO, Run-qing LIU, Wei SUN 2604
Effect of surface dissolution on kinetic parameters in flotation of ilmenite from different gangue minerals Omid SALMANI NURI, Mehdi IRANNAJAD, Akbar MEHDILO 2615
Dissolution kinetics and removal mechanism of kaolinite in diasporic bauxite in alkali solution at atmospheric pressure Yan WU, Xiao-lin PAN, Yue-jiao HAN, Hai-yan YU 2627
Direct leaching of molybdenum and lead from lean wulfenite raw ore Keng XIE, Hai-bei WANG, Sheng-dong WANG 2638
Role of copper in tarnishing process of silver alloys in sulphide media J. ORTíZ-CORONA, F. J. RODRíGUEZ-GóMEZ 2646
Improvement of carbothermic reduction of nickel slag by addition of CaCO3 Xiao-ming LI, Zhen-yu WEN, Yi LI, Hai-bo YANG, Xiang-dong XING 2658
Dynamic response pattern of gold prices to economic policy uncertainty Gao CHAI, Da-ming YOU, Jin-yu CHEN 2667

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