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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 30    No. 2    February 2020

Materials Science and Engineering
Effects of Cu and Mg on thixoformability and mechanical properties of aluminium alloy 2014 M. A. M. ARIF, M. Z. OMAR, Z. SAJURI, M. S. SALLEH 275
Effects of yttrium addition and aging on mechanical properties of AA2024 fabricated through multi-step stir casting CH. S. VIDYASAGAR, D. B. KARUNAKAR 288
Effects of titanium addition on structural, mechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties of Al-25Zn-3Cu and Al-25Zn-3Cu-3Si alloys Ali Pa?a HEK?MO?LU, Merve ?ALI? 303
Hot cracking tendency test and simulation of 7075 semi-solid aluminium alloy Bing ZHOU, Shuai LU, Kai-le XU, Chun XU, Zhan-yong WANG, Bin-jun WANG 318
Improving tribological and thermal properties of Al alloy using CNTs and Nb nanopowder via SPS for power transmission conductor Chika O. UJAH, Patricia POPOOLA, Olawale POPOOLA, Victor AIGBODION, Philip OLADIJO 333
Effect of laser surface melting on surface integrity of Al-4.5Cu composites reinforced with SiC and MoS2 Praveen Kumar BANNARAVURI, Anil Kumar BIRRU, Uday Shanker DIXIT 344
Mechanical properties and corrosion behaviors of Mg-4Zn-0.2Mn-0.2Ca alloy after long term in vitro degradation Yuan-fen CHENG, Wen-bo DU, Ke LIU, Jun-jian FU, Zhao-hui WANG, Shu-bo LI, Jin-long FU 363
Direct extrusion of thin Mg wires for biomedical applications K. TESA?, K. BALíK, Z. SUCHARDA, A. J?GER 373
Microstructures and properties of porous TiAl-based intermetallics prepared by freeze-casting Zhong-liang LU, Wen-liang XU, Ji-wei CAO, Yuan-lin XIA, Qing-hua DENG, Di-chen LI 382
Effects of laser surface melting on crystallographic texture, microstructure, elastic modulus and hardness of Ti-30Nb-4Sn alloy Leonardo FANTON, Nelson Batista de LIMA, Emilio Rayón ENCINAS, Vicente Amigó BORRáS, Conrado Ramos Moreira AFONSO, Jo?o Batista FOGAGNOLO 392
Effect of strain rate difference between inside and outside groove in M-K model on prediction of forming limit curve of Ti6Al4V at elevated temperatures Xiao-qiang LI, Hong-rui DONG, Hai-bo WANG, Gui-qiang GUO, Dong-sheng LI 405
Phase equilibria of Co-Mo-Zn ternary system Zhi-yong PENG, Xin-ming WANG, Fu-cheng YIN, Xue-mei OUYANG, Jing-xian HU 417
Nanomechanical properties and fracture toughness of hard ceramic layer produced by gas boriding of Inconel 600 alloy N. MAKUCH 428
Evaluation of microstructure and texture formation during annealing of cold-rolled FeCrCuMnNi multiphase high-entropy alloy Ali SHABANI, Mohammad Reza TOROGHINEJAD 449
Effects of SiC interfacial coating on mechanical properties of carbon fiber needled felt reinforced sol-derived Al2O3 composites Kuan-hong ZENG, Qing-song MA, Xing-yu GU 463
Mechanical properties and friction-wear characteristics of VN/Ag multilayer coatings with heterogeneous and transition interfaces Yong-qiang ZHAO, Yong-tao MU, Ming LIU 472
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Mechanism of sodium sulfide on flotation of cyanide-depressed pyrite Zhao CAO, Peng WANG, Wen-bo ZHANG, Xiao-bo ZENG, Yong-dan CAO 484
Transformation behavior of ferrous sulfate during hematite precipitation for iron removal Zhi-gan DENG, Fan YANG, Chang WEI, Bei-ping ZHU, Peng ZENG, Xing-bin LI, Cun-xiong LI, Min-ting LI 492
Effect of Fe/SiO2 and CaO/SiO2 mass ratios on metal recovery rate and metal content in slag in oxygen-enriched direct smelting of jamesonite concentrate Zhong-tang ZHANG, Xi DAI 501
Preparation of spherical cobalt carbonate from cobalt sulfate solution Zhi-hong PENG, Fang HE, Hao JIA, Xiao-bin LI, Qiu-sheng ZHOU, Tian-gui QI, Gui-hua LIU 509
Extraction and stripping of Cu and Ni from synthetic and industrial solutions of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine containing Cu, Ni, Fe and Zn ions Amirhossein SOEEZI, Hadi ABDOLLAHI, Sied Ziaedin SHAFAEI, Esmaeil RAHIMI 518
Preparation and performance of 3D-Pb anodes for nonferrous metals electrowinning in H2SO4 aqueous solution Xiao-cong ZHONG, Bin ZHANG, Zhen-cong LIN, Jia-ming LIU, Yong-min XIE, Zhi-feng XU 535
Electrodeposition and corrosion behavior of Zn-Ni-Mn alloy coatings deposited from alkaline solution Babak ABEDINI, Naghi PARVINI AHMADI, Sasan YAZDANI, Luca MAGAGNIN 548

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