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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 30    No. 4    April 2020

Materials Science and Engineering
Strength and structure variation of 2195 Al-Li alloy caused by different deformation processes of hot extrusion and cold-rolling Yun-long MA, Jin-feng LI, Run-zhe ZHANG, Jian-guo TANG, Cheng HUANG, Hong-ying LI, Zi-qiao ZHENG 835
Al-matrix composite based on Al-Ca-Ni-La system additionally reinforced by L12 type nanoparticles Torgom K. AKOPYAN, Nikolay A. BELOV, Evgeniya A. NAUMOVA, Nikolay V. LETYAGIN, Tat'yana A. SVIRIDOVA 850
Microstructures and mechanical properties of Al 2519 matrix composites reinforced with Ti-coated SiC particles Cui-ge DONG, Rui CUI, Ri-chu WANG, Chao-qun PENG, Zhi-yong CAI 863
Effect of Al3Zr particles on hot-compression behavior and processing map for Al-Cu-Li based alloys at elevated temperatures Qing-bo YANG, Yan-jun DENG, Mou YANG, Zhi-qing ZHANG, Wei-guo LI, Qing LIU 872
Effects of electrical parameters and their interactions on plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on aluminum substrates Ling-yun AN, Ying MA, Xiao-xu YAN, Sheng WANG, Zhan-ying WANG 883
Microstructural evolution and creep properties of Mg-4Sn alloys by addition of calcium up to 4 wt.% Amir BAGHANI, Hamid KHALILPOUR, Seyed Mahdi MIRESMAEILI 896
Effect of second-phase particle size and presence of vibration on AZ91/SiC surface composite layer produced by FSP Behrouz BAGHERI, Mahmoud ABBASI, Amin ABDOLLAHZADEH, Seyyed Ehsan MIRSALEHI 905
Effects of annealing on microstructure and mechanical properties of γ-TiAl alloy fabricated via laser melting deposition Zhan-qi LIU, Rui-xin MA, Guo-jian XU, Wen-bo WANG, Yun-hai SU 917
Relationship among microstructure, mechanical properties and texture of TA32 titanium alloy sheets during hot tensile deformation Rong-lei FAN, Yong WU, Ming-he CHEN, Lan-sheng XIE 928
Biological, antibacterial activities and electrochemical behavior of borided commercially pure titanium in BSA-containing PBS Adib EBRAHIMI, Hamid ESFAHANI, Omid IMANTALAB, Arash FATTAH-ALHOSSEINI 944
Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of Cu-0.36Be-0.46Co alloy fabricated by heating-cooling combined mold horizontal continuous casting during cold rolling Yan-bin JIANG, Tong-tong ZHANG , Yu LEI, Xin-hua LIU, YangCAO, Jian-xin XIE, Bing ZHAO, Yong-hua LI, Chuan-rong JIAO 958
Microstructural evaluation and tribological properties of underwater friction stir processed CP-copper and its alloy A. MOAREF, A. RABIEZADEH 972
Fabrication of RGO/Cu composites based on electrostatic adsorption Wen-min ZHAO, Rui BAO, Jian-hong YI, Xiang-hui HOU, Dong FANG, Chun-xuan LIU 982
Microstructure and grain boundary engineering of a novel Fe-Cr-Ni alloy weldment made with self-developed composition-matched weld filler metal Yu ZHANG, Hong-yang JING, Lian-yong XU, Yong-dian HAN,Lei ZHAO, Hai-zhou LI, Zheng-xin TANG, Tian-wang TONG 992
Phase equilibria of Zn-Al-Ti ternary system at 450 and 600 °C Wei WANG, Zhi LI, Wei-jun SHEN, Fu-cheng YIN, Ya LIU 1005
Microstructure and properties of WC-12Co composite coatings prepared by laser cladding Miao HU, Jian-cheng TANG, Xin-gui CHEN, Nan YE, Xin-yue ZHAO, Miao-miao XU 1017
Effect of Eu3+-doping on morphology and fluorescent properties of neodymium vanadate nanorod-arrays Li TIAN, Shan-min CHEN, Qiang LIU, Jie-ling WU, Rui-ni ZHAO, Shan LI, Li-juan CHEN 1031
Effects of heat treatment conditions and Y-doping on structure and phase transition temperature of VO2 powders Bin WANG, Er-hu LI, Jin-jing DU, Jun ZHU, Lin-bo LI, Tian-tian ZHOU 1038
Influence of Ni2+/Co2+ ratio in electrolyte on morphology, structure and magnetic properties of electrolytically produced Ni-Co alloy powders Vesna M. MAKSIMOVI?, Vladan B. KUSIGERSKI, Milovan M. STOILJKOVI?, Jelena R. MALETA?KI?, Neboj?a D. NIKOLI? 1046
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Manganese potential mapping in western Guangxi-southeastern Yunnan (China) via spatial analysis and modal-adaptive prospectivity modeling Fan-yun WANG, Xian-cheng MAO, Hao DENG, Bao-yi ZHANG 1058
Meso-damage evolution and mechanical characteristics of low-porosity sedimentary rocks under uniaxial compression Jian-hua HU, Dong-jie YANG 1071
Catalytic effect of visible light and Cd2+ on chalcopyrite bioleaching Chun-xiao ZHAO, Bao-jun YANG, Xing-xing WANG, Hong-bo ZHAO, Min GAN, Guan-zhou QIU, Jun WANG 1078
Electrochemical mechanism and flotation of chalcopyrite and galena in the presence of sodium silicate and sodium sulfite Ye ZHANG, Run-qing LIU, Wei SUN, Li WANG, Yan-hong DONG, Chang-tao WANG 1091
Enhancement of galena-potassium ethyl xanthate flotation system by low power ultrasound Can GUNGOREN, Yasin BAKTARHAN, Ismail DEMIR, Safak Gokhan OZKAN 1102
Simultaneous extraction of gold and zinc from refractory carbonaceous gold ore by chlorination roasting process Hong-jun WANG, Ya-li FENG, Hao-ran LI, Jin-xing KANG 1111
Numerical simulation of coupled thermo-electrical field for 20 kA new rare earth reduction cell Xiao-jun Lü, Heng-xing ZHANG, Ze-xun HAN, Kang-jie WANG, Chao-hong GUAN, Qi-dong SUN, Wei-wei WANG, Min-ren WEI 1124

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