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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 31    No. 3    March 2021

Materials Science and Engineering
Effect of casting speed on floating grains and macrosegregation of direct-chill cast 2024 alloy with intensive melt shearing Xu-dong LIU, Qing-feng ZHU, Zhi-meng LI, Cheng ZHU, Rui WANG, Tao JIA, Zhi-hao ZHAO, Jian-zhong CUI, Yu-bo ZUO 565
Novel high strength Al-10.5Si-3.4Cu-0.2Mg alloy produced through two-stage solution heat treatment Mohsen ABDI, Saeed G. SHABESTARI 576
Mechanical and thermo-physical properties of rapidly solidified Al-50Si-Cu(Mg) alloys for thermal management application Jun FANG, Yong-hui ZHONG, Ming-kuang XIA, Feng-wei ZHANG 586
Flow behavior and fracture of Al-Mg-Si alloy at cryogenic temperatures Danielle Cristina Camilo MAGALH?ES, Andrea Madeira KLIAUGA, Vitor Luiz SORDI 595
Microstructure and mechanical properties of 7005 aluminum alloy processed by one-pass equal channel reciprocating extrusion Ju-fu JIANG, Ying WANG, Ying-ze LIU, Guan-fei XIAO, Hua LI 609
Cast-rolling force model in solid-liquid cast-rolling bonding (SLCRB) process for fabricating bimetal clad strips Jun-peng ZHANG, Hua-gui HUANG, Ri-dong ZHAO, Miao FENG, Kai MENG 626
Magnesium composites with hybrid nano-reinforcements: 3D simulation of dynamic tensile response at elevated temperatures Xia ZHOU, Zi-fan LIU, Feng SU, Ya-fu FAN 636
Superplastic forming characteristics of AZ41 magnesium alloy S. TAYLOR, G. D. WEST, E. MOGIRE, F. TANG, H. R. KOTADIA 648
Properties inhomogeneity of AM60 magnesium alloy processed by cyclic extrusion compression angular pressing followed by extrusion Siroos AHMADI, Vali ALIMIRZALOO, Ghader FARAJI, Ali DONIAVI 655
Fabrication of fine-grained, high strength and toughness Mg alloy by extrusion-shearing process Bo-ning WANG, Feng WANG, Zhi WANG, Zheng LIU, Ping-li MAO 666
Effects of Ni content on microstructure and properties of aged Cu-0.4Be alloy Yan-bin JIANG, Tong-tong ZHANG, Yu LEI, Shuang-jiang HE, Xin-hua LIU, Jian-xin XIE 679
Microstructural characterization of blanked surface of C5191 phosphor bronze sheet under ultra-high-speed blanking Dao-chun HU, Ming-he CHEN,Lei WANG, Hong-jun WANG 692
Corrosion behavior of copper in extremely harsh marine atmosphere in Nansha Islands, China Xiao LU, Yu-wei LIU, Hong-tao ZHAO, Chen PAN, Zhen-yao WANG 703
Transformation mechanism of secondary phase and its effect on intergranular corrosion in laser wire filling welding Ni-based alloy/304 stainless steel Bo CHENG, Dong-jiang WU, Chao ZHANG, Dong-sheng CHAI, Guang-yi MA 715
Pore constitution and tortuosity factor of reactively synthesized porous TiAl intermetallic compound Yao JIANG, Yue-hui HE, Hai-yan GAO 726
Effects of annealing at 800 and 1000 °C on phase precipitates and hardness of Al7Cr20FexNi73-x alloys Chang-jun WU, Chen ZHOU, Jiao-feng ZENG, Ya LIU, Hao TU, Xu-ping SU 734
Self-lubricating behavior of Fe22Co26Cr20Ni22Ta10 high-entropy alloy matrix composites Wei-cheng XIAO, Kun LI, Liu-liu HAN, Yong LIU 744
Phase formation and thermoelectric properties of Zn1+xSb binary system Ahmad OSTOVARI MOGHADDAM, Evgeny TROFIMOV, Ting ZHANG,Jordi ARBIOL, Andreu CABOT 753
Influence of nickel silicides presence on hardness, elastic modulus and fracture toughness of gas-borided layer produced on Nisil-alloy N. MAKUCH 764
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Interacting mechanism and initiation prediction of multiple cracks Qing-qing SHEN, Qiu-hua RAO, Zhuo LI, Wei YI, Dong-liang SUN 779
Interaction effects of flotation reagents for SAG mill reject of copper sulphide ore using response surface methodology Ali AHMADI, Mojtaba REZAEI, Seyed Mohammad SADEGHIEH 792
Cyclic metallurgical process for extracting V and Cr from vanadium slag: Part I. Separation and recovery of V from chromium-containing vanadate solution Xue-wen WANG, Ming-e YANG, Yu-qi MENG, Da-xiong GAO, Ming-yu WANG, Zi-bi FU 807
Leaching performance of Al-bearing spent LiFePO4 cathode powder in H2SO4 aqueous solution Wen-bo LOU, Yang ZHANG, Ying ZHANG, Shi-li ZHENG, Pei SUN, Xiao-jian WANG, Jian-zhong LI, Shan QIAO, Yi ZHANG, Marco WENZEL, Jan J. WEIGAND 817
Physicochemical properties of 1,3-dimethyl-2-imidazolinone-ZnCl2 solvated ionic liquid and its application in zinc electrodeposition Ai-min LIU, Meng-xia GUO, Zhong-ning SHI, Yu-bao LIU, Feng-guo LIU, Xian-wei HU, You-jian YANG, Wen-ju TAO, Zhao-wen WANG 832
Kinetics of oxidation roasting of molybdenite with different particle sizes Xiao-bin LI, Tao WU, Qiu-sheng ZHOU, Tian-gui QI, Zhi-hong PENG, Gui-hua LIU 842
Correlation between mixing enthalpy and structural order in liquid Mg-Si system Jin WANG, Jing-yu QIN, Ji-xue ZHOU, Kai-ming CHENG, Cheng-wei ZHAN, Su-qing ZHANG, Guo-chen ZHAO, Xin-xin LI, Ke-chang SHEN, Yi ZHOU 853

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