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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 31    No. 4    April 2021

Materials Science and Engineering
Eliminating shrinkage defects and improving mechanical performance of large thin-walled ZL205A alloy castings by coupling travelling magnetic fields with sequential solidification Lei LUO, Hong-ying XIA, Liang-shun LUO, Yan-qing SU, Chao-jun CAI, Liang WANG, Jing-jie GUO, Heng-zhi FU 865
Preparation and properties of graphene nanoplatelets reinforced aluminum composites Zhong ZHENG, Xiao-xia YANG, Jian-chao LI, Xue-xi ZHANG, Imran MUHAMMAD, Lin GENG 878
Structure, strength and superplasticity of ultrafine-grained 1570C aluminum alloy subjected to different thermomechanical processing routes based on severe plastic deformation Oleg Sitdikov, Elena Avtokratova, Oksana Latypova, Michael Markushev 887
Influence of roll speed difference on microstructure, texture and mechanical properties of 7075 aluminum plates produced via combined continuous casting and rolling process Mohammad Mehdi AMIRI, Faramarz FERESHTEH-SANIEE 901
Effect of NaOH concentration on microstructure and corrosion resistance of MAO coating on cast Al-Li alloy Ying QIN, Guo-hua WU, Andrej ATRENS, Xiao-long ZHANG, Liang ZHANG, Wen-jiang DING 913
Microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast and solid solution treated Mg-8Li-xAl-yZn alloys Xin-li LIANG, Xiang PENG, Hao JI, Wen-cai LIU, Guo-hua WU, Wen-jiang DING 925
Influence of heat treatment on corrosion behavior of hot rolled Mg5Gd alloys Fu-yong Cao, Jing Zhang, Ke-Ke Li, Guang-Ling Song 939
Improvement of in vitro corrosion, wear, and mechanical properties of newly developed Ti alloy by thermal treatment for dental applications Mohamed HUSSEIN, Akeem Y. ADESINA, Madhan KUMAR, Mohamed AZEEM, Ahmad SOROUR, Nasser AL-AQEELI 952
Effect of hot rolling on microstructure and tribology behaviors of Ti-50.8Ni alloy Rui YANG, Wei MA, Chao WANG, Ting-mei WANG, Qi-hua WANG 967
Evolution of Ti3Ni4 precipitates in Ti49.2Ni50.8 alloy during equal channel angular pressing Jia-rui REN, Alexander V. SHUITCEV, Bin SUN, Feng CHEN, Li LI, Yun-xiang TONG 980
Friction behavior of Ti-30Fe composites strengthened by TiC particles Sheng-hang XU, Jing-wen QIU, Hui-bin ZHANG, Hua-zhen CAO, Guo-qu ZHENG, Yong LIU 988
Electrochemical response of Ti joints vacuum brazed with TiCuNi, AgCu, and Ag fillers C. MARINHO, F. TOPTAN, A. GUEDES, A. C. ALVES 999
Corrosion behavior of Cu-Al-Mn-Zn-Zr shape memory alloy in NaCl solution Mo-yang YIN, Zhou LI, Zhu XIAO, Yong PANG, Ya-ping LI, Zi-yan SHEN 1012
Thermal fatigue crack growth behavior of ZCuAl10Fe3Mn2 alloy strengthened by laser shock processing Guang-lei LIU, Yu-hao CAO, Kun YANG, Wei GUO, Xiao-xuan SUN, Ling ZHAO, Nai-chao SI, Jian-zhong ZHOU 1023
Tailoring microstructure and microhardness of Zn-1wt.%Mg-(0.5wt.%Mn, 0.5wt.%Ca) alloys by solidification cooling rate Talita A. VIDA, Cássio A. P. SILVA, Thiago S. LIMA, Noé CHEUNG, Crystopher BRITO, Amauri GARCIA 1031
Effects of minor B addition on microstructure and properties of Al19Co20Fe20Ni41 eutectic high-entropy alloy Jun-jie FENG, Shuo GAO, Kun HAN, Yi-dong MIAO, Ji-qiu QI, Fu-xiang WEI, Yao-jian REN, Zhen-zhen ZHAN, Yan-wei SUI, Zhi SUN, Peng CAO 1049
Displacive transformation as pathway to prevent micro-cracks induced by thermal stress in additively manufactured strong and ductile high-entropy alloys Rui-di LI, Peng-da NIU, Tie-chui YUAN, Zhi-ming LI 1059
Synthesis and properties of single-crystal Ni-rich cathode materials in Li-ion batteries Shi-jie LU, Yang LIU, Zhen-jiang HE, Yun-jiao LI, Jun-chao ZHENG, Jing MAO, Ke-hua DAI 1074
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Artificial intelligence model for studying unconfined compressive performance of fiber-reinforced cemented paste backfill Zhi YU, Xiu-zhi SHI, Xin CHEN, Jian ZHOU, Chong-chong QI, Qiu-song CHEN, Di-jun RAO 1087
Separation and recovery of copper in Cu-As-bearing copper electrorefining black slime by oxidation acid leaching and sulfide precipitation Mei-qing SHI, Xiao-bo MIN, Chen SHEN, Li-yuan CHAI, Yong KE, Xu YAN, Yan-jie LIANG 1103
Efficient destruction of sodium cyanide by thermal decomposition with addition of ferric oxide Kai-wei DONG, Feng XIE, Wei WANG, Yong-feng CHANG, Chun-lin CHEN, Xiao-wei GU 1113
Recovery of rare earth element ytterbium(III) by dried powdered biomass of spirulina: Adsorption isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic study Qing SHU, Chun-fa LIAO, Wen-qiang ZOU, Bao-quan XU, Yu-hui TAN 1127
Electrochemical extraction of lead from urea-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium fluoride system containing PbO at 353 K Wen-cai HE, Feng-guo LIU, Xiong-wei ZHONG, Shan YANG, Zhong-ning SHI 1140
Diffraction and luminescence analysis of extremely rapidly cooled molten system (LiF-CaF2)eut-xLnF3 (Ln=Sm and Gd) Miroslav BO?A, Jarmila MLYNáRIKOVá, Iveta MACKOVá, Du?an JANI?KOVI?, Adriana CZíMEROVá, Zhong-ning SHI 1151
Thermodynamic simulation of complex Pb-Bi concentrate oxidative bath smelting process Lin CHEN, Peng CHEN, Du-chao ZHANG, Wei-feng LIU, Tian-zu YANG 1165
Phase-field crystal simulation of evolution of liquid pools in grain boundary pre-melting regions Xiao-lin TIAN, Yu-hong ZHAO, Dun-wei PENG, Qing-wei GUO, Zhen GUO, Hua HOU 1175

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