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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 31    No. 10    October 2021

Materials Science and Engineering
Dynamic recrystallization, texture and mechanical properties of high Mg content Al-Mg alloy deformed by high strain rate rolling Xin-yu LI, Wei-jun XIA, Ji-hua CHEN, Hong-ge YAN, Zhen-zhen LI, Bin SU, Min SONG 2885
Effect of non-isothermal aging on microstructure and properties of Al-5.87Zn-2.07Mg-2.42Cu alloys Yao LI, Guo-fu XU, Xiao-yan PENG, Shi-chao LIU, Ying DENG, Xiao-peng LIANG 2899
Strengthening of aluminium alloy 7005 through imposition of severe plastic deformation supplemented by different ageing treatments R. BAKHSHI, M. H. FARSHIDI, S. A. SAJJADI 2909
Finite element analysis of temperature and stress fields during selective laser melting process of Al-Mg-Sc-Zr alloy Ru-long MA, Chao-qun PENG, Zhi-yong CAI, Ri-chu WANG, Zhao-hui ZHOU, Xiao-geng LI, Xuan-yang CAO 2922
5A06-O aluminium-magnesium alloy sheet warm hydroforming and optimization of process parameters Zhi-hui JIAO, Li-hui LANG, Xiang-ni ZHAO 2939
Characterization of mechanical and corrosion properties of cryorolled Al 1100 alloy: Effect of annealing and solution treatment S. A. ZAKARIA, A. S. ANASYIDA, H. ZUHAILAWATI, B. K. DHINDAW,N. A. JABIT, A. ISMAIL 2949
First-principles and experimental investigations on ductility/brittleness of intermetallic compounds and joint properties in steel/aluminum laser welding Tian LI, Dian-wu ZHOU, You-rui-ling YAN, Ping PENG, Jin-shui LIU 2962
Development of viscosity model for aluminum alloys using BP neural network Heng-cheng LIAO, Yuan GAO, Qi-gui WANG, Dan WILSON 2978
Relation of normal load with test temperature at mild-severe wear transition state for Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy Yuan-bo WANG, Wei ZHAO, Liang LI, Jian AN 2986
Influence of microstructural characteristics on corrosion behavior of Mg–5Sn–3In alloy in Hank’s solution Xue-jian WANG, Zong-ning CHEN, Yu-bo ZHANG, En-yu GUO, Hui-jun KANG, Pei HAN, Tong-min WANG 2999
Microstructures and mechanical properties of Ti-Al-V-Nb alloys with cluster formula manufactured by laser additive manufacturing Tian-yu LIU, Xiao-hua MIN, Shuang ZHANG, Cun-shan WANG, Chuang DONG 3012
Comparative investigation on copper atmospheric corrosion by electrochemical impedance and electrical resistance sensors Shan WAN, Bo-kai LIAO, Ze-hua DONG, Xing-peng GUO 3024
Effects of Fe content on microstructure and properties of Cu-Fe alloy Meng WANG, Qian-ru YANG , Yan-bin JIANG, Zhou LI, Zhu XIAO, Shen GONG, Yong-ru WANG, Chuang-li GUO, Hai-gen WEI 3039
Process optimization, microstructures and mechanical/thermal properties of Cu/Invar bi-metal matrix composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering Qiang-qiang NIE, Guo-hong CHEN, Bing WANG, Lei YANG, Wen-ming TANG 3050
Microstructural and mechanical properties assessment of transient liquid phase bonding of CoCuFeMnNi high entropy alloy Mohammad Ali KARIMI, Morteza SHAMANIAN, Mohammad Hossein ENAYATI 3063
Microstructure and properties of biodegradable co-continuous (HA+β-TCP)/Zn-3Sn composite fabricated by vacuum casting-infiltration technique Ting-liang YAN, Xiang WANG, Jin-long FAN, Qi-dong NIE 3075
Effects of La substitution on microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of Ti-Fe-Mn-based alloy prepared through melt spinning Ze-ming YUAN, Zhen QI, Ting-ting ZHAI, Hong-zhang WANG, Hai-yan WANG, Yang-huan ZHANG 3087
Macrosegregation and thermosolutal convection-related freckle formation in directionally solidified Sn-Ni peritectic alloy in crucibles with different diameters Peng PENG, Sheng-yuan LI, Wan-chao ZHENG, Li LU, Shu-dong ZHOU 3096
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Sources of rare earth elements REE+Y (REY) in Bayili Coal Mine from Wensu County of Xinjiang, China Jian-qiang XUE, Jian-xin LIU, De-zhi HUANG, Wei-jian ZHOU, Chun-ming LIU, Yu-sen CAO, Chuang-hua CAO 3105
Thermodynamic and experimental studies on removal of calcium and sulfate ions from recycling water of complex sulfide flotation operations Elvis BUSTOS-FLORES, Martha Araceli ELIZONDO-áLVAREZ, Alejandro URIBE-SALAS 3116
Mechanism and kinetics of iron extraction from high silica boehmite-kaolinite bauxite by hydrochloric acid leaching Dmitry VALEEV, Denis PANKRATOV, Andrei SHOPPERT, Artem SOKOLOV, Alexandr KASIKOV, Alexandra MIKHAILOVA, Cristian SALAZAR-CONCHA, Ilia RODIONOV 3128
Complexation extraction of scheelite and transformation behaviour of tungsten-containing phase using H2SO4 solution with H2C2O4 as complexing agent Qing-sheng LIU, Tao TU, Hao GUO, Hua-jin CHENG, Xue-zhong WANG 3150
Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of CrB2 and VB2 formation in molten Al-Cr-V-B alloy A. KHALIQ, H. T. ALI, M. YUSUF 3162
3D numerical investigation of effects of density and surface tension on mixing time in bottom-blown gas-stirred ladles Matin GHADIMI REZAEI, Pooyan HASHEMI TARI, Mohammad EMAMZADEH, Leili TAFAGHODI KHAJAVI 3177
Numerical investigation on flow process of liquid metals in melt delivery nozzle during gas atomization process for fine metal powder production Chang LIU, Xin LI , Shi SHU, Yu-he HUANG, Xing-gang LI, Qiang ZHU 3192

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