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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China


Vol. 32    No. 8    August 2022

Materials Science and Engineering
Recent progress on apparatus development and in situ observation of metal solidification processes via synchrotron radiation X-ray imaging: A review Wen-quan LU, Nai-fang ZHANG, Zong-ye DING, Qiao-dan HU, Jian-guo LI 2451
Influence of rotational speed in friction surfacing of nickel-aluminide reinforced aluminum matrix composite on commercially pure aluminum Mobina YOUSEFI, Hamed JAMSHIDI AVAL 2480
Effect of Gd on microstructure, mechanical properties, and corrosion behavior of as-homogenized Mg-8Li-3Al-2Zn-0.2Zr alloy Yue-hua SUN, Ri-chu WANG, Chao-qun PENG, Xiao-feng WANG 2494
Effect of yttrium and calcium additions on electrochemical behaviors and discharge performance of AZ80 anodes for Mg-air battery Yu-wen-xi ZHANG, Lu HAN,Lin-bao REN, Ling-ling FAN, Yang-yang GUO, Ming-yang ZHOU, Gao-feng QUAN 2510
Corrosion properties of ECAP-processed Mg-Al-Ca-Mn alloys with separate Al2Ca and Mg2Ca phases Shu-heng HE, Ce WANG, Chao SUN, Yue ZHANG, Kai YAN, Jing-hua JIANG, Jing BAI, Feng XUE, Huan LIU 2527
Hot shear deformation constitutive analysis of fine-grained ZK60 Mg alloy sheet fabricated via dual equal channel lateral extrusion and sheet extrusion N. FAKHAR, M. SABBAGHIAN 2541
Microstructure evolution and ductility improvement mechanisms of magnesium alloy in interactive alternating forward extrusion Hua-qiu DU, Feng LI, Peng-da HUO, Yu WANG 2557
An extrusion-shear-expanding process for manufacturing AZ31 magnesium alloy tube Ye TIAN, Hong-jun HU, Hui ZHAO, Wei ZHANG, Peng-cheng LIANG, Bin JIANG, Ding-fei ZHANG 2569
Effect of electropulsing on anisotropy in strength of laser metal deposited Ti-6Al-4V alloy Fu-bin WANG, Yu-ke LIU, Yun-xiang TONG, Chong ZHANG, Feng-chun JIANG, Jian-dong WANG 2578
Effect of annealing temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of cold-rolled commercially pure titanium sheets Shuai ZHAO, Yang WANG, Lin PENG, Yuan-xiang ZHANG, Rong RAN, Guo YUAN 2587
Microstructure and mechanical behavior of Ti/Cu/Ti laminated composites produced by corrugated and flat rolling Zhu-bo LIU, Xin-yue WANG, Ming-shuo LIU, Yuan-ming LIU, Jiang-lin LIU, A. V. IGNATOV, Tao WANG 2598
In-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction investigation on deformation behavior of Nb/NiTi composite during pre-straining process Shun GUO, Hui-hui ZHANG, Min-kyung KWAK, Wang DING, Guang-lei LIU, Wen MA, Hai-xia LIU, Qing-kun MENG, Xin-qing ZHAO 2609
Improving oxidation resistance of porous FeAl-based intermetallics with high boron/yttrium alloying Hui-bin ZHANG, Hang YU, Jun-liang MA, Long-fei WANG, Sheng-hang XU, Guo-qu ZHENG 2620
Effects of selective laser melting parameters on surface quality and densification behaviours of pure nickel Tian-yang YUE, Sheng ZHANG, Chao-yue WANG, Wei XU, Yi-di XU, Yu-sheng SHI, Yong ZANG 2634
Effect of Si/Ti additions on physico-mechanical and chemical properties of FeNiCrCo high entropy alloys manufactured by powder metallurgy technique Sarah HEDYA, Lamiaa MOHAMED, Ghalia GABER, Omayma ELKADY, Hassan MEGAHED, Shimaa ABOLKASSEM 2648
Effects of various rare earth oxides on morphology and size of oxide dispersion strengthening (ODS)-W and ODS-Mo alloy powders He ZHANG, Zhi-bo LI, Xiao-chun DENG, Ben CHEN, Guo-hua ZHANG, Kuo-Chih CHOU 2665
Influence of operation number on arc erosion behavior of Ag/Ni electrical contact materials Run-zhang HUANG, Guo-fu XU, Qiong WU, Meng YUAN, Chun-ping WU 2681
Mining, Minerals Processing and Metallurgical Engineering
Failure process and characteristics of three-dimensional high-stress circular tunnel under saturated water content Xue-feng SI, Lin-qi HUANG, Feng-qiang GONG, Xi-bing LI 2696
Synthesis of novel thionocarbamate for copper-sulfur flotation separation and its adsorption mechanism Fei CAO, De-si SUN, Xian-hui QIU, De-zhi ZHOU, Xing-rong ZHANG, Chuan-yao SUN 2709
Theoretical research on vacuum separation of Au-Ag alloy Shuang-ping WANG, Jin-yang ZHAO, Bao-qiang XU, Ling-xin KONG, Wen-long JIANG, Bin YANG 2719
Penetration behavior of electrolyte into graphite cathode in NaF-KF-LiF-AlF3 system with low cryolite ratios Bing-xu CHEN, Jian-ping PENG,Yao-wu WANG,Yue-zhong DI 2727
Effect of fluoride addition on electrochemical behaviors of V(III) in molten LiCl-KCl Rui YUAN, Cheng Lü, He-li WAN, Shao-long LI, Yu-si CHE, Ji-lin HE, Jian-xun SONG 2736
Lithium and manganese extraction from manganese-rich slag originated from pyrometallurgy of spent lithium-ion battery Guo-xing REN, Cai-bin LIAO, Zhi-hong LIU, Song-wen XIAO 2746
High-rate removal of As(III) from aqueous system with sulfhydryl magnetic biological bamboo charcoal nanocomposites prepared by chemical co-precipitation method Yi-wei LUO, Si WAN, Jiang-jun XIAO, Dai-she WU 2757
Adsorption of lead ions by a kind of MAL modified hydrogel beads Chun-li ZHENG, Qiao-rui WANG, Guo-qing GENG, Zhen-xing WANG, Heng ZHUO 2770

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