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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 17    No. 3    June 2007

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Processing and mechanical properties of porous 316L stainless steel for biomedical applications
Montasser M. DEWIDAR1, 2, Khalil A. KHALIL1, J. K. LIM3

1. Department of Mechanical Design and Materials, High Institute of Energy,
South Valley University, Aswan, Egypt;
2. Material and Fracture Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Design,
Chonbuk National University, Duckjin 1-664-14, Jeonju, JB561-756, South Korea;
3. Automobile Hi-Technology Research Institute,
Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace System Engineering,
Chonbuk National University, Duckjin 1-664-14, Jeonju, JB 561-756, South Korea

Abstract: Highly porous 316L stainless steel parts were produced by using a powder metallurgy process, which includes the selective laser sintering(SLS) and traditional sintering. Porous 316L stainless steel suitable for medical applications was successfully fabricated in the porosity range of 40%−50% (volume fraction) by controlling the SLS parameters and sintering behaviour. The porosity of the sintered compacts was investigated as a function of the SLS parameters and the furnace cycle. Compressive stress and elastic modulus of the 316L stainless steel material were determined. The compressive strength was found to be ranging from 21 to 32 MPa and corresponding elastic modulus ranging from 26 to 43 GPa. The present parts are promising for biomedical applications since the optimal porosity of implant materials for ingrowths of new-bone tissues is in the range of 20%−59% (volume fraction) and mechanical properties are matching with human bone.


Key words: 316L stainless steel; laser sintering; processing parameter; porous material; biomedical application

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