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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 15    No. 3    June 2005

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Fabrication of nano-crystalline W-Ni-Fe alloy with Mo and rare earth element additives
YAN Jian-wu(晏建武)1, 2,  ZHOU Ji-cheng(周继承)1,  TIAN Li(田 莉)1
LU Shi-qiang(鲁世强)2, CHEN Tong-cai(陈同彩)2, XU Li-min(

1. School of Physics Science and Technology, Central South University, 
Changsha 410083, China; 
2. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 
Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Nanchang 330034, China

Abstract:Three kinds of nano-crystalline high density alloys(86W-7Ni-3Fe-4Mo, 90W-4Ni-2Fe-4Mo and 90W-4Ni-2Fe-3.8Mo-0.2RE) were fabricated by a technique combining lower temperature vacuum sintering with high-energy ball milling mechanical alloying. The crystalline size and microstructures of the specimens sintered at different sintering temperatures were examined by X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscope(SEM). The results show that the optimal sintering temperature of 86W-7Ni-3Fe-4Mo, 90W-4Ni-2Fe-4Mo and 90W-4Ni-2Fe-3.8Mo-0.2RE alloys are 1300-1350℃. When they are sintered at 1300℃ for 75min, the hardness of three kinds of specimens can reach above HRC30, the relative density can reach above 96%, and 90W-4Ni-2Fe-3.8Mo-0.2RE alloy possesses the best integrated properties, its hardness is HRC35 and its relative density is 98%.


Key words: tungsten high density alloys; nano-crystalline; mechanical alloying; lower temperature sintering

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