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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 15    No. 5    October 2005

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Maximum solid solubility of transition metals in vanadium solvent
ZHANG Jin-long(张金龙)1, FANG Shou-shi(方守狮)1, ZHOU Zi-qiang(周自强)1, LIN Gen-wen(林根文)1, GE Jian-sheng(葛建生)1, FENG Feng(冯 锋)2

1. Institute of Hydrogen Storage Materials, Shanghai University, 
Shanghai 200072, China;
 2. Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering, 
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ont., Canada N9B 3P4

Abstract: Maximum solid solubility (Cmax) of different transition metals in metal solvent can be described by a semi-empirical equation using function Zf that contains electronegativity difference, atomic diameter and electron concentration. The relation between Cmax and these parameters of transition metals in vanadium solvent was studied. It is shown that the relation of Cmax and function Zf can be expressed as lnCmax=Zf=7.3165-2.7805(ΔX)2-71.278δ2-0.85556n2/3. The factor of atomic size parameter has the largest effect on the Cmax of the V binary alloy; followed by the factor of electronegativity difference; the electrons concentration has the smallest effect among the three bond parameters. Function Zf is used for predicting the unknown Cmax of the transition metals in vanadium solvent. The results are compared with Darken-Gurry theorem, which can be deduced by the obtained function Zf in this work.


Key words: solid solubility; vanadium alloys; function Zf; electronegativity difference; atomic size parameters; electron concentration 

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