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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 16    No. 6    December 2006

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Preparation of silver nanoparticle via active template under ultrasonic
ZHENG Min(郑 敏)1, WANG Zuo-shan(王作山)2, ZHU Ya-wei(朱亚伟)1

1. College of Material Engineering, Soochow University, Suzhou 215021, China; 
2. Powder Engineering Research Center, North China University, 
Taiyuan 030051, China

Abstract: A novel method was described for the production of silver nanoparticle by using nano-carbon as active template. Special ultrasonic condition was used to assure the active effect of the template and achieve an even and stable micro-reactor system, therefore yield uniform silver nanoparticle without obvious agglomeration. By laser granularity instrument measurement, the silver nanoparticles show a mean diameter of 20.4 nm and narrow distribution between 18.7 nm and 23.0 nm according to the optimum technology. Regular spherical morphology can be observed by transmission electron microscopy(TEM). X-ray diffraction analysis indicates that Ag+ is deoxidized to form metal Ag during producing precursor, subsequent calcinations promote phase transformation from nonholonomic crystal to complete cubic crystal, which is consistent with the standard JCPDS card of silver. The results reveal that the nano-carbon in active template system not only exerts micro-reactor and steric stabilization effect, but also acts as reducing agent during the reaction.


Key words: silver nanoparticle; active template; nano-carbon; ultrasonic; agglomeration

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