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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 13    No. 6    December 2003

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Strengthening technology and mechanism for semi-solid die casting of aluminum alloy
ZHANG Heng-hua(张恒华), XU Luo-ping(许珞萍), 
SHAO Guang-jie(邵光杰), YU Zhong-tu(余忠土)

School of Materials Science, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China

Abstract:Combined with theoretical evaluation, an optimized strengthening process for the semi-solid die castings of A356 aluminum alloy was obtained by studying the mechanical properties of castings solution treated and aged under different conditions in detail, then, the semi-solid die castings and liquid die castings were heat treated with the optimized process. The results show that the mechanical properties of semi-solid die castings of aluminum alloy are superior to those of the liquid die castings, especially the strengthening degree of heat treated semi-solid die castings is much greater than that of liquid die castings with the tensile strength more than 330MPa and the elongation more than 10%, and this is mainly contributed to the non-dendritic and more compact microstructure of semi-solid die castings. The strengthening mechanism of heat treatment for the semi-solid die castings of A356 aluminum alloy is due to the dispersive precipitation of the second phase(Mg2Si) and formation of GP Zone. 


Key words: aluminum alloy; semi-solid die casting; strengthening of heat treatment; microstructure

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