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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 20    No. 2    February 2010

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Rotating extrusion technique and its effect on quality of aluminum alloy thin-plate weldments
LI Jun(李 军), YANG Jian-guo(杨建国), YAN De-jun(闫德俊),

ZHANG Yong(张 勇), FANG Hong-yuan(方洪渊)

Abstract:A new technique named rotating extrusion was proposed that uses rotating extrusion action to rectify residual distortion of aluminum alloy thin-plate weldments to improve mechanical properties of welded joints. The basic principle and device of rotating extrusion were introduced. The residual distortion and stresses in rotating extrusion weldments were compared with those in conventional weldments. The differences in microstructure and mechanical properties between conventional welded joints and rotating extrusion welded joints were investigated and analyzed in order to make clear the effect of rotating extrusion on the performance of aluminum alloy weldments. Experimental results show that rotating extrusion can enhance the hardness and tensile strength of aluminum alloy welded joints evidently. This method has also potential effect on extending the life of welded structures.


Key words: rotating extrusion; aluminum alloy; thin plate; welding distortion; mechanical property

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