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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 20    No. 2    February 2010

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Relationship between solid/liquid interface and crystal orientation for pure magnesium solidified in fashion of cellular crystal
CHANG Guo-wei(常国威), CHEN Shu-ying(陈淑英), ZHOU Cong(周 聪),
YUE Xu-dong(岳旭东), QI Yi-hui(齐义辉)

School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou 121001, China

Abstract:The relationship between the solid/liquid interface and the crystal orientation for pure magnesium, which grows in fashion of cellular crystal in unidirectional solidification, was investigated. The results show that the energy of the solid/liquid interface is the lowest during cellular crystal growth of pure magnesium; and the solid/liquid interface is covered by the basal face {0001} and by the crystal face made up of three atoms located at the orientation {0001}<0100> and two atoms located at the inner of magnesium crystal cell. The strongest bond is formed in the direction of 61.9˚ deviating from the growth direction, and the second strong bond is formed in the directions of 8.5˚ and 47.7˚, respectively, deviating from the growth direction. The angle between the basal face {0001} and the growth direction is 61.9˚. The theoretical analysis results are basically consistent with the experimental results from SUSUMU et al.


Key words: magnesium; solidification process; crystal growth; crystal orientation

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