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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 20    No. 4    April 2010

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Effect of Sn4+ content on properties of indium tin oxide nanopowders
XU Bao-qiang(徐宝强)1, 2, 3, FENG Rui-kang(冯瑞康)4, YANG Bin(杨 斌)1, 2, 3, DENG Yong(邓 勇)1, 2, 3

1. National Engineering Laboratory for Vacuum Metallurgy, Kunming 650093, China;
2. Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology,
Kunming 650093, China;
3. Key Laboratory for Non-ferrous Vacuum Metallurgy of Yunna Province, Kunming 650093, China;
4. Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Group Co., Ltd., Henan 454650, China

Abstract:Indium tin oxide (ITO) nanopowders were prepared by a modified chemical co-precipitation process. The influence of different SnO2 contents on the decomposition behavior of ITO precursors, and on the phase and morphology of ITO precursors and ITO nanopowders were studied by X-ray diffractometry, transmission electron microscopy and differential thermal and thermogravimetry analysis methods. The TG-DSC curves show that the decomposition process of precursor precipitation is completed when the temperature is close to 600 ℃ and the end temperature of decomposition is somewhat lower when the doping amount of SnO2 is increased. The XRD patterns indicate that the solubility limit of Sn4+ relates directly to the calcining temperature. When being calcined at 700 ℃, a single phase ITO powder with 15% SnO2 (mass fraction) can be obtained. But, when the calcining temperature is higher than 800 ℃, the phase of SnO2 will appear in ITO nanopowders which contain more than 10% SnO2. The particle size of the ITO nanopowders is 15−25 nm. The ITO nanoparticles without Sn have a spherical shape, but their morphology moves towards an irregular shape when being doped with Sn4+.


Key words: indium tin oxide (ITO); chemical precipitation; nano-particle; SnO2

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