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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 10    No. 2    April 2000

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Separation of inclusions from liquid metal contained in a
triangle/square pipe by travelling magnetic field①
ZHONG Yun-bo(钟云波), REN Zhong-ming(任忠鸣),
DENG Kang(邓 康), JIANG Guo-chang(蒋国昌), XU Kuang-di(徐匡迪)

Shanghai Key Laboratory ofFerrous-Metallurgy, Shanghai University,
Shanghai200072, P.R.China

Abstract:By using plug flow and trajectory model, the elimination efficiency of the inclusions from liquid metals purified by travelling magnetic field (TMF) in either a triangle or a square pipe was analyzed theoretically. The ways to improve the elimination efficiency were suggested. The results using different kinds of pipes were reciprocally compared. It is determined that by means of TMF to eliminate inclusions the efficiency is affected by the diameter of the inclusions, in
which the inclusions can be removed most efficiently, is optimized.


Key words: travelling magnetic fields; purification; inclusion

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