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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 10    No. 4    August 2000

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Mechanical properties of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy by semisolid processing①
LI Shu-suo(李树索)1,2, ZHAO Ai-min(赵爱民)1, MAO Wei-min(毛卫民)1, ZHONG Xue-you(钟雪友)1

1. Foundry Institute, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, P.R.China;
2. Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095, P.R.China

Abstract:Semisolid hypereutectic Al-Si alloy billets were obtained by electromagnetic stirring, in which microstructure of primary silicon gets rounder and there are a large number of rosetteαphases appearing. Compared with conventional gravity die casting alloys, the tensile strength and elongation of semisolid forming hypereutectic Al-Si get obviously improved. Change of primary silicon morphology of semisolid hypereutectic Al-Si alloy made by electromagnetic stirring is the main reason of better tensile strength, and a large number of rosetteαphases precipitation is the main reason of better elongation.


Key words: semisolid processing; hypereutectic Al-Si alloy; tensile strength; elongation

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