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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 5    No. 2    June 1995

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Xiong Dangsheng1; Li Shizhuo2; Jiang Xiaoxia2; Peterson M B3

1.Powder Metallurgy Research Institute; Central South University of Technology; Changsha 410083 ;
2.Institute of Metal Research; Chinese Academy of Science; Shenyang 110015
3. Wear Sciences,925 Mallard Circle,Arnold Maryland 21021,USA

Abstract:The temperature dependences of the coefficients of friction and the wear rates of several Fe-Re alloys containing various Re contents were determined with a pin-on-disc high-temperature wear device. The examination, analysis and determination of the debris, the wear scars and the load-bearing oxide films were performedusing SEM,X-ray diffractometer, electron probe and microhardness tester. The results showed that after hightemperature sliding, there were formed surface glaze layers in the studied Fe-Re alloys, and the sub-surface layers were composed of ductile oxides and deformed matrix alloys. The presence of large amounts of iron oxides on the load-bearing oxide layers resulted in the high hardness platforms and the good high-temperature wear resistance of the alloys. The oxides of Re and Fe(ReO4)3 present in the skeletons of iron oxides play the role of lubricating at high temperatures.


Key words: lubrication Re oxide film glaze

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