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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 4    No. 1    March 1994

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Ma Liuying1; Bian Hengzhen2; Liu; Guochun2

1.Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Central South Univesity of Technology; Changsha410083; China
2.Zhuzhou Cemented Carbides Plant; Zhuzou 412000; China

Abstract:Texture characters of TiN crystal as well as chcmical composition, constituent phases andtheir distribution along depth of hard alloy Ti(C , N)-TiN coating were studied by means of Ar+ sputtering, XPS and XRD. The results showed that surface layer is rich in titanium, nitrogen,oxygen and carbon; that cobalt diffuses from substrate to surface; that surface layer and its vicin-ity are composed of TiN, TiOx , CoO and trace amount of TiC;and that there occur TiOx com-pounds which were determined by XRD analysis. The results also indicate that concentrations ofcarbon and oxygen decrease sharply while that of titanium incrcases sharply with incrcasing depth ; that volume ratio of TiN/TiOx varies from 1 . 5 : 1 to 1 : 0 gradually; that oxidation rate ofthe cobalt being faster than its diffusion rate gives rise to cobaltpoor region iand that existence of metallic oxides, strong {200} TiN texture and surface pores, inhomogeneity of grain sizes and non-perfect densifieation have harmful effects on me...更多chanical properties of the coating. 


Key words: chemical composition Ti(C; N )-TiN coating microstructure XPS XRD

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