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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 1    No. 1    October 1991

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Fei  Ziwen

The Nonf errous Metals Society of China

Abstract:On the occassion of the birth of the TRANSACTIONS OF NONFERROUS METALS SOCIETY OF CHINA (hereafter Trans NFsoc), I would like to express my heartly congratulations and extend my best wishes for its future successes.
Trans NFsoc is a comprehensive journal with emphasis on nonferrous metals, containing academic papers, and important scientific and technical achievements in the fields of nonferrous metals from geology, mining, ore dressing, metallurgy, physical and chemical analyses to materials science and engineering with aims to promote academic exchange, and speed up the development of science and technology of the nonferrous metals industry. Nonferrous metals are indispensable and essential materials for the social and economic development and people’s life improvement. It is said that energy, telecommunication and materials are three principal industries for the advancement of modern civilization of mankind which are all closely related to nonferrous metals. The development of hi-tech depends in many ways on the progress of the nonferrous metals industries.


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