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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 21    No. 2    February 2011

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Numerical simulation on size effect of copper with nano-scale twins
WU Bo1, ZOU Na2, TAN Jian-song1, WANG Jian-ping1, PANG Ming1, HU Ding-yun1

1. Engine Engineering Center, China North Engine Research Institute, Langfang 065000, China;
2. Hebei University of Technology, Langfang Branch, Langfang 065000, China

Abstract:To understand the tensile deformation of electro-deposited Cu with nano-scale twins, a numerical study was carried out based on a conventional theory of mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity (CMSG). The concept of twin lamella strengthening zone was used in terms of the cohesive interface model to simulate grain-boundary sliding and separation. The model included a number of material parameters, such as grain size, elastic modulus, plastic strain hardening exponent, initial yield stress, as well as twin lamellar distribution, which may contribute to size effects of twin layers in Cu polycrystalline. The results provide information to understand the mechanical behaviors of Cu with nano-scale growth twins.


Key words: copper; twins; strain gradient plasticity; size effects, numerical simulation

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