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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 22    No. 8    August 2012

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Wetting of pure aluminium on graphite, SiC and Al2O3 in aluminium filtration
BAO Sarina1, TANG Kai2, Anne KVITHYLD2, Thorvald ENGH1, Merete TANGSTAD1

1. Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, No-7491, Trondheim, Norway;
2. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, No-7465, Trondheim, Norway

Abstract:The wettability of pure aluminium on filter materials and on inclusions is believed to be an important factor affecting the filtration of aluminium. The contact angles of molten aluminium on alumina, SiC and graphite were measured under 10-8 bar high vacuum in the temperature range of 1000-1300 °C. To describe the wetting behaviour of the Al on ceramic at lower temperatures used in filtration and casting aluminium, a semi-empirical calculation was employed. The calculated contact angles at 700 °C were around 97° for alumina, 92° for vitreous graphite, 126° for single- and poly-crystal graphite, and 79° for single crystal SiC, respectively. This indicates that aluminium does not wet alumina or graphite (or Al4C3) around the casting temperature, but wets SiC at this temperature. Thus a priming height is required for aluminium to infiltrate an alumina filter. Increasing temperature can also improve the wettability of Al on ceramic.


Key words: wettability; contact angle; aluminium; alumina; SiC; graphite

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