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第18卷    第2期    总第107期    2008年2月



激光熔覆Ni45 -CaF2-WS2自润滑涂层组织与性能

(华中科技大学 材料成形与模具技术国家重点实验室,武汉 430074)

摘 要: 利用CO2激光器,在45号钢表面熔覆Ni45-CaF2 -WS2粉末制备自润滑复合涂层,研究熔覆涂层微观组织和摩擦磨损性能及其影响规律。结果表明,熔覆过程中,WS2发生部分分解,形成新的润滑相CrxSyCaWO4CaF2的存在对熔池的流动性有极大的改善;涂层的室温及400 ℃摩擦性能测试也表明,复合自润滑涂层的摩擦因数显著降低,且Ni45-7.5CaF2-7.5WS2(质量分数,%)涂层的摩擦磨损性能较佳。


关键字: Ni45-CaF2-WS2;激光熔覆;自润滑涂层;显微组织;摩擦性能

Microstructure and tribological properties of laser cladding Ni45-CaF2-WS2 self-lubrication coating
ZHANG Xiao-feng, WANG Ai-hua, ZHANG Xiang-lin, QIAO Xiao-yong, HUANG Zao-wen

State Key Laboratory of Material Processing and Die and Mould Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China

Abstract: Self-lubrication coatings were prepared by CO2 laser cladding of Ni45-CaF2-WS2 compound powders on a medium carbon steel. Microstructure and tribological properties of the laser clad coatings were investigated and analyzed. The results show that, partial WS2 powder decomposes to generate some new lubricants, such as CrxSy and CaWO4. During laser cladding process, the fluidity of laser-generated-pool has been improved by adding CaF2, the friction coefficients of coating reduce remarkably in the tribological properties test at room temperature and 400 ℃, and the laser cladding Ni45-7.5CaF2-7.5WS2 (mass fraction, %) coating presents lower friction coefficient and better wear resistance.


Key words: Ni45-CaF2-WS2; laser cladding; self-lubricating coating; microstructure; tribological properties

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