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第14卷    第1期    总第58期    2004年1月

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韩兵强, 李 楠

(武汉科技大学 高温陶瓷与耐火材料湖北省重点实验室,
武汉 430081

摘 要: 以铝热还原法合成了MgAl2O4/W复合材料。 研究结果表明: 通过调整氧化镁的含量可以获得含富铝尖晶石或富镁尖晶石与金属钨的复合材料。 其中富铝尖晶石晶体发育完整, 氧化铝含量大于80%。 金属钨主要以等轴晶存在, 约1~8μm。 随氧化镁含量的增加, 尖晶石的晶格常数逐渐变大。 富铝尖晶石和富镁尖晶石具有不同的生长机理。 


关键词: 铝热反应; 热膨胀系数; 固溶体; 晶格常数

Effects of MgO content on composition and microstructure of MgAl2O4/W composite
HAN Bing-qiang, LI Nan

Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Ceramic and Refractory,
Wuhan University of Science and Technology,
Wuhan 430081, China

Abstract: MgAl2O4/W composites were fabricated from mixture powder of WO3 and Al by aluminothermic reducing method. The results show that the composite containing alumina rich spinel or magnesium rich spinel can be obtained by adjust the ratio of the raw material. In the composite tungsten is equiaxed crystal with the size of about 1~8μm, and well crystallized alumina rich spinel has more than 80% Al2O4 -content. The lattice constant of MgAl2O4 increases with the increment of MgO content. The alumina rich spinel and magnesium rich spinel have different growth mechanisms.


Key words: aluminothermic reaction; thermal expansion coefficient; solid solution; lattice constant

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