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第14卷    第6期    总第63期    2004年6月



顾帼华, 戚云峰

( 中南大学 资源加工与生物工程学院, 长沙 410083)

摘 要: 采用颚式破碎机或辊式破碎机均难以实现对废旧印刷电路板的充分粉碎,从粉碎过程来看, 具有剪切和冲击作用的圆盘粉碎机或振动磨样机的粉碎效果要优越一些。 废旧印刷电路板的资源组成包括47%的金属、 27%的塑料以及26%的玻璃、 陶瓷等难熔氧化物。 与天然资源相比, 废旧印刷电路板中的金属含量特别丰富, 1t中的金属含量分别达到了300gAu、 5~10kgAg、 19.66%Cu、 3.93%Pb和3.68%Sn, 此外还含有Fe、 Al、 Zn、 Ca、 Mn、 Ni、 In等十多种有价金属, 具有重要的回收价值。 


关键字: 电子废弃物; 印刷电路板; 粉碎; 回收

Crushing performance and resource characteristic of 
printed circuit board scrap
GU Guo-hua, QI Yun-feng

School of Resource Processing and Bioengineering,
Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract: The crushing performance of printed circuit board(PCB) was studied with several crushers. The results show that it is difficult to crush PCB. The crushing performance of PCB with gyradisc crusher, especially vibration grinding, which have cut or impact action, is excelled that with jaw crusher or roller crusher. The PCB scrap is proved worthwhile to recycle by using variety of modern characterization methods. With comparing to the natural resources, this material stream remains to be rich precious metals and nonferrous metals. In PCB scrap, metals account for 47% the total material composition, in which there are 19.66% copper, 11.47% iron, 3.93% lead, 300g gold and 5-10kg silver in 1t PCB. In addition, the PCB scrap contains 27% plastics and 26% refractory oxides.


Key words: electronic scrap; printed circuit board; crushing; recycling

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