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第21卷    第7期    总第148期    2011年7月



卢东方, 王毓华, 黄 鹏, 胡岳华

(中南大学 资源加工与生物工程学院,长沙 410083)

摘 要: 采用Fluent6.3软件对自制水力分选设备的流场进行模拟。模拟结果表明:设备锥体内流体的旋转运动使矿浆在径向分散和分离,向上运动的流体能促使固相尤其是粒度较小和密度较低的含硅相向上运动,实现铝相和硅相在轴向上的分离;斜板能显著提高铝相在上升过程中的沉降效率。在自制设备上进行的实际矿石脱硅试验结果表明:当原矿铝硅比(质量比)为4.7时,在搅拌器转速为150 r/min、斜板高度为16 cm、给矿量为100 mL/min及底流与溢流体积比为1׃3.5的条件下,经设备一次脱硅处理,可得到Al2O3回收率为90.64%、铝硅质量比为6.34׃1的精矿。


关键字: 铝土矿;脱硅;水力分级;模拟

Flow field simulation and experimental study of self-made hydraulic classification equipment for bauxite desiliconization
LU Dong-fang, WANG Yu-hua, HUANG Peng, HU Yue-hua

School of Resources Processing and Bioengineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract:The flow field in the self-made hydraulic classification equipment was simulated by Fluent 6.3 software. The simulation results show that the slight turbulent in the cone zone makes the mineral particles disperse and separate in the radial direction. The upwelling makes the solid phase move up, especially for silicates with the small particle size and low density, leading to the separation of alumina phase and silicon phase in the radial direction. The sloping plates improve the sedimentation efficiency of aluminum solid phase greatly in the upward process. Furthermore, the experimental results on the real bauxite ores show that a concentrate with Al2O3 recovery of 90.64% and mass ratio of Al to Si of 6.34׃1 can be obtained from the feed with the mass ratio of Al to Si of 4.7 based on one stage desiliconization separation. At this time, the speed of the impeller is 150 r/min, the height of sloping plates is 16 cm, the speed of the feed is 100 mL/min and the volume ratio of overflow to underflow is 1:3.5.


Key words: bauxite; desiliconization; hydraulic classification; simulation

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