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第22卷    第9期    总第162期    2012年9月



高金涛1,李士琦1,张延玲1,张颜庭1,陈培钰2,钱  刚3

(1. 北京科技大学 钢铁冶金新技术国家重点实验室,北京 100083;
2. 天津钢管集团股份有限公司,天津 300201;3. 湖北新冶钢有限公司,黄石 435001

摘 要: 系统地研究国内多家钢铁企业粉尘的基础特性,开发出一种低温分离、富集冶金粉尘中Zn等金属元素的新工艺。基于ZnO超细粉的还原挥发热力学分析和动力学实验,进行了粉尘的非熔态还原及Zn的回收、富集研究。结果表明:使用高纯度CO或H2为还原剂,在800~900 ℃可实现粉尘中ZnO(s)→Zn(g)的转变,气化脱Zn率可达99%;收集到的气态还原产物经水洗去除掉K、Cl 等元素后,富集成含Zn量可达90%的富Zn物料。同时,较低的温度使得粉尘于非熔融状态下还原,固态还原产物中Fe的金属化率可达90%,可直接经物理分离获得固态高纯铁。


关键字: 冶金粉尘;非熔态还原;Zn富集

Separating and enriching zinc from metallurgical dust at low temperature
GAO Jin-tao1, LI Shi-qi1, ZHANG Yan-ling1, ZHANG Yan-ting1, CHEN Pei-yu2, QIAN Gang3

1. State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy, University of Science and Technology Beijing,
Beijing 100083, China;
2. Tianjin Pipe Corporation, Tianjin 300201, China;
3. Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co. Ltd., Huangshi 435001, China

Abstract:The characteristics of dust obtained from different steelmaking enterprises were systematically studied. A new process for separating and enriching zinc from metallurgical dust at low temperature was developed. Based on the volatilized thermodynamics analysis and dynamics reduction experiment of pure ultra-fine ZnO, the experimental study on non-molten reduction and recovery and enrichment of zinc in dusts was carried out. The results show that zinc oxide is reduced to metallic zinc, using high-purity CO or H2 as the reducing agent at 800−900 ℃, and the de-zincing rate is over 99%. The collected gaseous reduction products are washed to get rid of K, Cl and other elements, then the enrichment, called Zn-rich material, is obtained with the content of Zn up to 90%. At the same time, the dusts are reduced at the state of non-molten because of low temperature, and the metallization of Fe in product of solid-state reduction is as high as 90%. Furthermore, the solid-state high-purity iron can be directly separated physically.


Key words: metallurgical dust; reduction at non-molten state; enrichment of zinc

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