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第24卷    第8期    总第185期    2014年8月



刘志文1, 2,李落星1, 2

(1. 湖南大学 汽车车身先进设计制造国家重点实验室,长沙 410082;
2. 湖南大学 机械与运载工程学院,长沙 410082

摘 要: 考虑到空气动力学、结构力学和美观等方面的要求,车身用铝合金构件需要弯曲成特定的曲率,对产品的质量提出更高要求。制造铝合金框架式车身的关键技术在于如何实现轻量化构件的高精度弯曲成形。概述几种典型的传统2D冷弯成形工艺及质量控制方法。针对采用传统冷弯工艺时产品缺陷难以控制和避免、制造成本高等缺点,开发具有高效、短流程和低成本的弯曲新工艺已成为塑性加工领域备受关注并得到迅速发展的重要方向之一。介绍了几种管、型材空间冷弯一体化成形新工艺;全面综述近15年来国内外学者开发的一系列热挤压-弯曲一体化成形新工艺。并介绍本文作者所在课题组针对传统冷弯和已有挤压-弯曲一体化成形工艺存在的缺点,发明一种结合在线淬火控温的挤压-弯曲一体化成形新工艺和装备,并展望了该工艺未来的研究趋势。


关键字: 弯曲管;型材;空间冷弯;轻量化;挤压-弯曲一体化

Review of bending short process for lightweight component
LIU Zhi-wen1, 2, LI Luo-xing1, 2

1. State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Vehicle Body,
Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China;
2. College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China

Abstract:Taking into account of the requirements in terms of aerodynamics, structural mechanics and aesthetics, automotive aluminum components are generally needed to be bended into a certain curvature. So, it proposes a higher demand on the quality of products. The key technology of producing space frame structure lies in how to achieve the high precise bending process of lightweight component. Several traditional 2D-cold bending processes and their preventive measures were firstly discussed. However, it is difficult to control and avoid the defects of traditional cold bending process and high manufacturing cost. New bending processes of high efficiency, short process and lower cost have become one of the important concerned and developed directions in the field of plastic forming. New high efficiency and low-cost bending processes have become one of the important concerned and developed direction in the field of plastic forming. Then, different kinds of 3D-cold bending methods and their characteristics were presented. A detailed review of a series of curved profile extrusion at home and abroad in recent 15 years was given. Finally, based on the defects of the traditional cold bending and developed integration processes, a new extrusion-bending-quenching integration forming technology and device were developed by our research group, and the prospect of future development for this process was proposed.


Key words: bending tube; profile; 3D-cold bending; lightweight; extrusion-bending integrative forming

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