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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 26    No. 5    May 2016

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Grain refinement of gravity die cast secondary AlSi7Cu3Mg alloys for automotive cylinder heads
Giordano CAMICIA, Giulio TIMELLI

Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padova, Stradella S. Nicola, 3 I-36100 Vicenza, Italy

Abstract:The effects of AlTi5B1 grain refinement and cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a secondary AlSi7Cu3Mg alloy were reported. Metallographic and image analysis techniques have been used to quantitatively examine the macrostructural and microstructural changes occurring with the addition of grain-refining agent at different cooling rates by using a step casting die. The results indicate that the addition of AlTi5B1 produces a fine and uniform grain structure throughout the casting and this effect is more pronounced in the slowly solidified regions. Increasing the cooling rate, lower amount of grain refiner is necessary to produce a uniform grain size throughout the casting. On the other hand, the initial contents of Ti and B, present as impurity elements in the supplied secondary alloy, are not sufficient to produce an effective grain refinement. The results from the step casting geometry were applied to investigate a gasoline 16V cylinder head, which was produced by gravity semi-permanent mould technology. The grain refinement improves the plastic behaviour of the alloy and increases the reliability of the casting, as evidenced by the Weibull statistics.


Key words: aluminium alloy; grain refinement; step casting; cylinder head; cooling rate; microstructure; mechanical properties

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