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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 27    No. 12    December 2017

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Microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminium metal matrix composites with addition of bamboo leaf ash by stir casting method
B. Praveen KUMAR, Anil Kumar BIRRU

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Manipur 795004, India

Abstract:Al-4.5%Cu alloy was used as a matrix at 2%, 4% and 6% of bamboo leaf ash (BLA) which was extruded from agro waste and was used as reinforcement. The composite which was fabricated by stir casting method possessed superior properties due to an effective bonding between matrix and reinforcement particles. The fabricated composite specimens were subjected to various tests to determine the mechanical properties such as density, porosity, hardness and tensile strength. The results were compared with basic matrix alloy. Furthermore, the OM, SEM with EDAX and XRD analyses were carried out to analyze the dispersion of the reinforced particles in the selected matrix alloy. It was observed that the homogeneous distribution of BLA particles in composites was intragranular in nature. Moreover, it was also observed that BLA particles were well bonded with matrix alloy with clear interface. It was also found that the density decreased with increase in mass fraction of BLA particles and porosity increased with increase in mass fraction of BLA particles. The hardness and tensile strength were increased up to 4% of BLA in the composite, with a further increase in BLA content the hardness and tensile strength decreased.


Key words: Al-4.5Cu alloy; stir casting; composites; bamboo leaf ash; density; porosity

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