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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 28    No. 3    March 2018

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Microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of aluminum 6061-T6 plates welded with copper insert plate (Al/Cu/Al) using friction stir welding
Vahid M. Khojastehnezhad, Hamed H. Pourasl

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta 99628, TRNC, Via 10, Mersin, Turkey

Abstract:Friction stir welding was used to join two aluminum 6061-T6 plates with an insert of a pure copper plate (Al/Cu/Al), and then the influence of the copper insert on the joint performance was studied. The dissimilar welding results were also compared with AA 6061 friction stir welds produced without copper insert (Al/Al). Optical and scanning electron microscopes were used for the microstructural observations of the welded samples. X-ray diffraction analysis was used to analyze phase component of the Al/Cu/Al specimen. A defect-free joint was observed for the Al/Cu/Al joint at a rotational speed of 950 r/min and a welding speed of 50 mm/min. Microstructural observation of the weld nugget zone (WNZ) demonstrates the formation of composite-like structure which promotes metallurgical bonding of aluminum and copper. XRD results show the formation of intermetallic compounds (IMCs), such as Al4Cu9 and Al2Cu. Furthermore, it was observed that the hardness of the weld with the Cu insert plate is higher than that of other samples due to more dislocation density and a distinct rise in hardness values was observed due to the presence of IMCs. The ultimate tensile strength of the joint with copper insert plate is higher than that of the other sample due to the strong metallurgical bonding between Al and Cu.


Key words: friction stir welding; Al/Cu/Al; intermetallic compounds; microstructure; mechanical properties

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