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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 28    No. 3    March 2018

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Co evolutions for WC-Co with different Co contents during pretreatment and HFCVD diamond film growth processes
Xin-chang WANG1, Cheng-chuan WANG1, Wei-kai HE2, Fang-hong SUN1

1. State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China; 2. School of Physics and Technology, University of Ji’nan, Ji’nan 250022, China

Abstract:Systematical researches were accomplished on WC-Co with different Co contents (6%, 10% and 12%, mass fraction). Based on the XPS and EDX, from orthogonal pretreatment experiments, it is indicated that the acid concentration, the time of the acid pretreatment and the original Co content have significant influences on the Co-removal depth (D). Moreover, the specimen temperature, original Co content and Co-removal depth dependences of the Co evolution in nucleation, heating (in pure H2 atmosphere) and growth experiments were discussed, and mechanisms of Co evolutions were summarized, providing sufficient theoretical bases for the deposition of high-quality diamond films on WC-Co substrates, especially Co-rich WC-Co substrates. It is proven that the Co-rich substrate often presents rapid Co diffusion. The high substrate temperature can promote the Co diffusion in the pretreated substrate, while acts as a Co-etching process for the untreated substrates. It is finally found that the appropriate Co-removal depth for the WC-12%Co substrate is 8-9 μm.


Key words: HFCVD diamond film; WC-Co; Murakami-acid pretreatment; Co content; Co evolution

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