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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 28    No. 6    June 2018

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Flotation and electrochemical behaviors of chalcopyrite and pyrite in the presence of N-propyl-N′-ethoxycarbonyl thiourea
Shuang-ke LI, Guo-hua GU, Guan-zhou QIU, Zhi-xiang CHEN

School of Minerals Processing and Bioengineering, Central South University, Changsha 410083, China

Abstract:The characteristics of N-propyl-N′-ethoxycarbonyl thiourea (PECTU) were studied in the flotation experiments of chalcopyrite and pyrite compared with butyl xanthate (BX). The interaction mechanism between mineral and PECTU was investigated according to zeta potential and electrochemistry measurements in the presence of PECTU. The results proved that PECTU performed a stronger ability to capture chalcopyrite and a better selectivity against pyrite. The zeta potential of chalcopyrite was positively shifted after interacting with PECTU, which indicated that the collector PECTU was obviously adsorbed on chalcopyrite surface. The cyclic voltammetry and Tafel curves results indicated that the oxidation and corrosion rates of chalcopyrite surface were limited in the presence of PECTU, while the effect of PECTU on pyrite in weak alkaline solution can be neglected basically according to the results of zeta potential and electrochemical tests.


Key words: chalcopyrite; pyrite; flotation; N-propyl-N′-ethoxycarbonyl thiourea; electrochemical behavior

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