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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 29    No. 10    October 2019

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Microstructures and mechanical properties of BP/7A04 Al matrix composites
Cai-he FAN1, Ling OU1,2, Ze-yi HU1, Jian-jun YANG1, Gang CHEN3, Hong-ge YAN3

1. School of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Hunan University of Technology, Zhuzhou 412007, China;
2. Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Materials Surface Science and Technology, Changzhou University, Changzhou 213164, China;
3. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 422004, China

Abstract:The microstructures and interface structures of basalt particle reinforced 7A04 Al matrix composites (BP/7A04 Al) were analyzed by using OM, TEM, SEM and EDS, and the mechanical properties of 7A04 Al alloy were compared with those of BP/7A04 Al matrix composites. The results show that the basalt particles are dispersed in the Al matrix and form a strong bonding interface with the Al matrix. SiO2 at the edge of the basalt particles is continuously replaced by Al2O3 formed in the reaction, forming a high-temperature reaction layer with a thickness of several tens of nanometers, and Al2O3 strengthens the bonding interface between basalt particles and Al matrix. The dispersed basalt particles promote the dislocation multiplication, vacancy formation and precipitation of the matrix, and the precipitated phases mainly consist of plate-like η (MgZn2) phase and bright white band-shaped or ellipsoidal T (Al2Mg3Zn3) phase. The bonding interface, high dislocation density and dispersion strengthening phase significantly improve the mechanical properties of the composites. The yield strength and ultimate tensile strength of BP/7A04 Al matrix composites are up to 665 and 699 MPa, which increase by 11.4% and 10.9% respectively compared with 7A04 Al alloy without basalt particles.


Key words: Al matrix composites; basalt particle; interface structure; precipitated phase; strengthening mechanism

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