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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 30    No. 2    February 2020

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Evaluation of microstructure and texture formation during annealing of cold-rolled FeCrCuMnNi multiphase high-entropy alloy

Department of Materials Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan 84156-83111, Iran

Abstract:Microstructure and texture variations of a cold-rolled multiphase FeCrCuMnNi high-entropy alloy were studied after different annealing treatments. Samples were heat-treated at different temperatures and for different time, and then, subjected to different tests including XRD and SEM-EBSD. The results reveal that the FCC1 phase, which goes through more strain, has lower melting temperature, and recrystallizes earlier (lower temperature and shorter time). In addition, it is seen that particle stimulated nucleation is more effective on the recrystallization of this phase compared to FCC2 phase. A significant number of FCC1 nuclei form around the BCC particles. Nucleation of FCC2 phase initiated at 800 °C mostly at the grain boundaries and the inhomogeneities. The FCC1 phase was almost fully recrystallized at this temperature. The annealing process led to the elimination of rolling textures, while the Brass component remained a major component in the recrystallized samples. Increasing annealing temperature as well as annealing time led to the formation of Cube texture component, which is a major component of recrystallized low stacking fault energy materials. Furthermore, D and Rt-Co components formed during recrystallization as a result of the formation of annealing twins.


Key words: high-entropy alloys; FeCrCuMnNi; recrystallization; microstructure; texture

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