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Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China

Vol. 30    No. 11    November 2020

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Scandium recovery from raffinate copper leach solution as potential new source with ion exchange method

1. Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran;
2. Department of Mineral Engineering, Zarand High Education Complex, Zarand, Iran

Abstract:Raffinate copper leach solution of the Iran Sarcheshmeh copper complex has up to 3 mg/L scandium (Sc), which is significantly better than many existing sources, making it a possible source for the recovery of Sc using the ion exchange method. Visual Minteq software was employed to ascertain the ionic species likely to be formed under operational conditions in the mine and for selecting the suitable ion exchange resin. The cationic resin thus chosen was employed statically with ions-bearing synthesized solutions and statically/dynamically for actual copper mining raffinate solution. Room temperature and pH of 1.5 showed the highest Sc adsorption. The dynamic tests established the full saturation of the resin at 450 BV of the raffinate solution flow. Using sodium carbonate for elution, desorption of Sc, Y and Ce from the resin during static elution tests at constant duration was higher than that of Fe, Al and Cu. The results from the dynamic tests followed similar trends for the priority and the extent of the elution process. Desorption results from specimens of dynamic tests show a 60:1 concentration ratio leading to a 186 mg/L Sc-rich solution.


Key words: scandium; ion exchange; sorption; desorption; copper leach solution

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